Online Bingo Rooms

Ladies! Sit back, get comfy and play the most fantastic online bingo games around, only at Pink Casino Bingo.

Whether you're playing bingo for the first time or a seasoned pro, we've got something for you.

Ladies who play at Pink Casino Bingo can choose from a range of games including; 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo and 80 Ball Bingo. Which one will you choose?

Online Bingo Rooms

90 Bingo Ball - Room 1

Play 90 Ball Bingo the Pink Casino way - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Head over to the 90 Ball Bingo Room where we give away £300 every month and get ready to play for some big money bingo prizes up to £850 at Pink Casino Bingo. There is also a huge progressive jackpot up for grabs!

The Lounge - 90 Ball Bingo

Our fancy new 90 Ball Bingo room is a fantastic option for those of you looking to play your favourite bingo variant in a smaller group. Because there are fewer people in The Lounge than in most of our other rooms, there are more chances for you to win some incredible prizes!

75 Bingo Ball Room

Fancy something a little different to traditional bingo? Well why not be on trend with the latest patterns in our 75 Ball Bingo Room open 24 hours, 7 days a week. In 75 Ball Bingo you win a prize for calling the pattern, so why not give it a whirl? Tickets are only 5p and there is a progressive jackpot available in this room too! It’s bingo but not as we know it girls so try something new.

Heavyweight Bingo Room

We’ve got a huge £850 bingo cash prize pot in this 90 ball bingo room for you every evening at 9pm!

Bingo Blast Bingo Room

Play this fantastic twist on 90 Ball Speed Bingo! Two lots of numbers are blasted out and marked off your cards, then it cuts to the exciting part - the last few balls before the Full House prize is won!

80 Ball Bingo Room

For a modern twist on bingo, head over to the 80 Ball Bingo Room. There is just 1 prize top per game and a progressive bingo jackpot up for grabs.

Bargain Bingo Room

If you want cheap bingo tickets, then this is the room for you. All tickets cost no more than 5p and it’s open every day from 5pm - 10pm.

Play Online Bingo At Legs Eleven

Legs Eleven is one of the fastest-growing and most popular online bingo sites on the market. We have a range of excellent bingo rooms available, with different bingo games to choose from, all of which contain their own unique functions and features! We have two main bingo games on offer; 90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo, but we also have Bingo Blast, which is a variation of speed bingo with a twist. At Legs Eleven, we have the best online bingo games available, so if you're after a brilliant online bingo experience, then head on over to our bingo rooms at Legs Eleven section and choose a room that suits you!

Our Online Bingo Games

Online bingo has never been better, and it is our privilege to bring the best bingo games to you, our loyal players! You can play online bingo games wherever you are as they are available to play on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices alike. This is one of the main benefits of online bingo, as instead of traditional games in a bingo hall where you are limited to a specific location, online bingo can be played wherever you are and often whenever you like too, as some bingo rooms are open 24/7!

Online Bingo Rooms

As mentioned previously, we have a wide variety of online bingo rooms available to our players, all of which provide a unique experience! The best thing about our online bingo rooms is that they cater to all bingo needs, giving players plenty to choose from. If you want to play bingo with a budget, head to our Bargain Bingo Room, where tickets are available for as little as 1p! Alternatively, if you are looking for a bingo game with some big cash prizes, then head to our Heavyweight Bingo Room where we give away £850 every night! For more information on the online bingo rooms available, check out our bingo rooms at Legs Eleven blog! Whatever online bingo room you are after, we've got you covered here at Legs Eleven.

Online Bingo Bonuses and Prizes

We want our bingo players to have the best possible experience at Legs Eleven, which is why we ensure that there are plenty of bingo bonuses and prizes available. If you were to play online bingo in The Lounge, we have 1TG prizes on offer where several different prizes can be won, including 1 line, 2 line and full house prizes. In addition to this, players who have just one number left on their card can also receive a share of the prize pot. We also have an excellent Bingo Welcome Offer as part of our First Deposit Offer. All players need to do is deposit £10, £25, or £50 and wager 35x, and they will receive up to £50 in cash and 10 free bingo tickets too! Please note that this offer is exclusively available to new players only, with the offer expiring 3 days after activation. T&Cs apply.

Why Play Online Bingo?

Similarly to traditional bingo halls, online bingo at Legs Eleven comes with a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere which is rarely found in alternative casino games. Because of technological advancements, you can experience this atmosphere wherever you are, as online bingo can be played on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Another reason to play online bingo is that, as opposed to traditional bingo halls where there will only be one game played at a time, you get the choice of multiple bingo games to choose from!

Where Can I Play Online Bingo?

All online bingo games and casino games at Legs Eleven have been fully optimised so that they can be accessed and played on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, all with equal quality. We also have our Legs Eleven App, which allows for quick fingertip access to all bingo games and casino games too! As we have mentioned previously, we have a range of different bingo rooms, all of which offer a different experience! There is a lot of variation in our bingo rooms, with no two games being the same, with varying ticket prices, the prizes on offer, and schedules. So, please read about each bingo room before playing and pick one that suits you.

When Can I Play Online Bingo?

The schedules vary per bingo room at Legs Eleven, where each game is played differently. The 75 Ball Bingo Room is open 24/7, however, the patterns will vary throughout the day, so please read up on this bingo room before playing. Other bingo rooms will have specific schedules. For example, The Lounge is played every evening from 7pm-10pm, and the 80 Ball Bingo Room is open every day from 3pm-7pm.

Online Bingo Welcome Offer

If you are new to Legs Eleven, we have a welcome offer that is exclusively available to new players. Our Deposit Welcome Offer gives you a cash reward of up to £50 to be used on a range of casino games as well as 10 free bingo tickets! T&Cs apply apply.

Online Bingo Blogs

If you are new to Legs Eleven, we have a wide range of bingo blogs on our how to play online bingo page that can help give you some vital information regarding our games. If you are unsure how to play, then check out our guide to online bingo. If you’ve played online bingo before but need a refresher, check out our tips when playing online bingo page. If you’ve played in a bingo hall and you’re not quite sure about how it differs from online, check out our blog on the differences between bingo hall and online bingo. Finally, if you are wanting to learn “bingo lingo”, visit our blog on bingo calls for more information on the popular phrases that may be called out when playing.

Slingo Games

If you are a regular UK online bingo player but want to play a game that includes online slots, then look no further than our Slingo games at Legs Eleven! Slingo combines both online bingo and online slots in what is a rare but popular combination that has proven to be a success in the casino world. You will begin each game with a set of numbers as you would do in bingo. However, you must then spin the reel like in a slot game to try and match up your numbers. Once all your numbers have landed, you will have won the game! Slingo games do vary, with some being closer to slots, some being closer to bingo, but we have a range of Slingo games here at Legs Eleven. So, whatever your preference, you have plenty of Slingo games to choose from!

Alternative Options To Online Bingo

If you would like to try something different to online bingo, then we have plenty of options available for you! We have an excellent selection of casino slots, including Irish slots, Egyptian slots and Megaways slots. We also have some fantastic blogs that help summarise our online slots selection, including a list of new online slots and the best online slots. In addition to online slots, we also have live casino games and table games, both of which aim to replicate the feeling of being in an actual casino!