£21K Summer Slider Jackpot

Here at Legs 11, we like offering our online bingo players something different, which is why we’re offering our players the chance to take part in a £21K Sliding Jackpot Game!

That’s right, on Friday 27th August at 9:30 pm, our bingo players can join us in our 21K Summer Slider bingo room where they’ll have the chance to win a share of a huge £21K jackpot.

During the game, there will be different Full House payouts on offer, determined by the number of balls called during the game to reach the Full House. There will also be extra prizes on offer, which players can win a share of.

Standard Game Prizes

1 Line = £1000 2 Lines = £2000 Full House = determined by ball call number* 1 - 33 = £16,000 34 - 36 = £14,000 37- 38 = £12,000 39 - 40 = £10,000 41 - 42 = £9,000 43- 90 = £8,000

  • This means that if a player wins a Full House in 33 ball calls or less, they’ll win £16K (or a share of the prize if there are multiple winners). Or if they win in the other ball calls listed, they will win that prize (or a share of if there are multiple winners).

Extra Prizes

Not only that, but players also have the chance to win a share of £2000 if they have one number remaining on their tickets at the end of the 90 Ball Game.

Tickets for the £21K slider game cost 50p each, and players can purchase a max of 100 tickets.

Full terms:

  1. Game takes place Fri 27th Aug at 9:30pm BST in the 21k Summer Slider room.
  2. Tickets £0.50p each, max of 100 per player.
  3. Total guaranteed prize pot = £11,000/ 1 line prize = £1000, 2 lines = £2000. There is an additional Jackpot to be won on the Full House prize. The prize will be determined by the ball call number: 1 - 33 = £16,000 34 - 36 = £14,000 37- 38 = £12,000 39 - 40 = £10,000 41 - 42 = £9,000 43- 90 = £8,000
  4. If there is more than one winner of the standard prizes, the prize will be split between winning tickets.
  5. There is an additional prize pot of £2000 for all players who have any tickets with 1 number to go at the end of the game.
  6. Additional prize pot amounts pay out according to the number of 1tg tickets each player has. For example, a player with 10 1tg tickets will receive a greater share than a player with 1 1tg ticket.
  7. All winnings paid as cash.
  8. In the event of any malfunction/game void, tickets purchased will be refunded.
  9. General promotional terms apply