£5K Summer Social

£5000 Community Bingo Game

Here at Legs Eleven, we want to ensure our UK Online Bingo players have the best bingo experience possible on our site across our different bingo rooms. We also offer a range of bingo prizes, such as the £5K Summer Social game on Friday 31st of July!

The game starts at 9:30pm and tickets are 50p each. There's a prize fund of £2500 for the 3 standard prizes:

  • 1 line = £500
  • 2 lines = £750
  • Full House = £1250

PLUS, we have a £2500 Community Prize Pot! That means that even if you haven't won one of the main prizes, you will still win a share of the pot. Prize payouts are proportionate to the number of tickets purchased.

Tickets are available to pre-buy now from the lobby and inside the bingo rooms.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Game takes place Friday 31st July at 9:30pm in the £5K Summer Social room.
  2. Tickets 50p each, max 100 tickets per player.
  3. Should there be more than one winner per prize, the prize will be split.
  4. Winnings from cash stakes will pay into cash balance. Winnings from bonus stakes are paid into bonus balance until wagering requirements are met.
  5. £2500 paid to winners of prizes: 1 line = £500, 2 lines = £750 and Full House = £1250.
  6. Additional £2500 community pot will be available and will be split between all paying players in the game. Winners of 1 line, 2 lines and Full House prizes will also win a share of the Community prize.
  7. Community prize payout will be proportionate to the number of tickets purchased."