Beehive Bedlam Review

Beehive Bedlam Review

At Legs Eleven online slots UK, we’ve been absolutely buzz-ing about this particular casino slot so much, that we just needed to let you guys know all about it! See what the buzz is all about by taking a look at our review of Beehive Bedlam where we’ll dive into the hive of all the action and tell you all you need to know about how to play Beehive Bedlam, one of our favourite summertime online slots!

Can I Still Play Beehive Bedlam?

Beehive Bedlam was made by Core Gaming, a revamped version of an old game that many of us used to play using our TV remotes when there was nothing to watch. The developers are also bee-hind the curious online slot Balthazar’s Wild Emporium that will have you concocting some mysterious potions for the chance to win up to 1,000 free spins! So, while the original is no longer in play having been taken down a few years ago, we’re happy to announce that you absolutely can still play Beehive Bedlam Reactors!

Beehive Bedlam is a source of nostalgia for lots of people (us included!) having been a staple game on your Sky boxes for many years. You better bee-lieve that the developers have made a fantastic online slot version of it! The famous beehive sits in front of a bee-autiful background of bright blue skies and deep green rolling fields, a bee’s dream holiday destination where flowers are dotted around waiting to be pollinated. The animations are seamless and smooth, available in gorgeous HD across all sorts of devices - whether you’re on your mobile, a tablet, or your trusty desktop computer. Bask in the sun’s rays as the sun shines down onto the bee community, with glistening rays of glorious light appearing across the reels. Unlike a lot of slot games, Beehive Bedlam’s graphics extend beyond the reels, with the full page filled with a lively and colourful backdrop to keep the atmosphere consistent, which we absolutely love.

It’s very different to most other online slots that we’ve seen, rewarding clusters instead of paylines to keep with the beehive theme. Each winning cluster will be removed from the reels and new symbols will trickle in to take their place for another opportunity to get a win without having to spin again! One of our absolute favourite parts of this game has got to be its un-bee-lievably brilliant Honey Jar bonus game; you’ll need to fly around obstacles in search of coins for the chance to bag yourself the potentially lucrative World Bonus payout!

How to Play Beehive Bedlam


First thing’s first: no matter which title you’re playing you need to decide how much you’re going to bet per spin in your online slots. To do this in Beehive Bedlam, take a look to the left of the beehive where you can adjust the stake by toggling between the (-) and (+) buttons until you reach an amount that suits you. In this slot game, the minimum stake is 10p and reaches a maximum of £500 per spin, so there’s bound to be an increment in there that suits your budget. Your stake will be displayed at all times beneath the honey jar in case you need a reminder, or would like to adjust it during gameplay to make your experience with casino games as easy as possible. Note that if you do change your bet mid-gameplay, your average stake will increase or decrease accordingly.


It’s easy to lose track of all the different values of each symbol when you’re enjoying your casino games, so you can find reminders easily in Beehive Bedlam by opening up the Menu located above the Play button. From here, everything you need is broken down into subsections to make it easier to find the information that you need. The main button is going to be Pay Table, which gives you an easily-digestible breakdown of all the symbols and how much you could win for a winning cluster.


On a warm summer’s day, there’s nothing better than sipping an iced tea with your feet up. If you want to let the bees take the wheel for a while, tell them how much you’d like to stake on each spin, how many spins you’d like to happen consecutively, and decide on a loss limit that will end the feature if exceeded. Once you get going, you can stop at any time by pressing Stop Falls. It will end automatically if a bonus feature is triggered during the free spins so that you don’t miss out on the enjoyment of your online slots uk.

Beehive Bedlam Review

Beehive Bedlam’s Buzzing Bonuses

Honey Jar Bonus

If there’s one thing about this online slot that really makes it stand out, it’s this bonus feature that brings its video game roots to the online slots reel. Triggering this bonus can sometimes take some time as you’ll need to fill up that honey jar to the left of the beehive. It looks like it takes a lot to fill, but it can be quicker than you think if you find clusters of beekeepers that will help to scrape the honey into the jar. Once it’s been filled all the way to the top, the bees have done their work and are very much deserving of a vacation! You’ll be taken to a new screen with randomly distributed coins scattered around that you need to collect. If you’re on a mobile or tablet you’ll need to tap the screen to make your bee fly upwards and collect as many coins as possible; if you’re on a desktop you just need to click your mouse. Avoid those pesky obstacles, though! Complete that world to receive a potentially brilliant World Bonus payout (which is worked out based on your average stake) and a brand new outfit for your bee.

Free Falls

Clusters of 3 or more Free Falls symbols will trigger this buzz-tastic bonus and you’ll be rewarded with up to 15 free falls, which you’ll love if you’re a big fan of free spins! Not only that, but you might also notice that some new folks have entered the game, the Big Boss and Queen Bee symbols who are the highest value symbols in the entire slot game.

Progressive Jackpot

Free Falls doesn’t just include a free spins bonus; you could also win the progressive jackpot! This is only available during the Free Falls bonus, but it can be incredibly rewarding. During the final free fall, a bee will buzz across the beehive and leave behind some letters - if this spells out ‘jackpot’ then you could be buzzing with the amount that you win!

Legs Eleven Thinks…

Compared to many other online slots, we love how different this is from most, and we particularly think you’re going to enjoy the experience of the Honey Jar bonus that can transport you to new worlds and give you a unique opportunity to fly around collecting coins (and even the World Bonus payout if you manage to complete a world). If you prefer a traditional reel setup then we’d recommend the Birdz so that you can still take to the skies in another hit of our online slots offerings! If you would rather wind down with a game of online bingo then we also have you covered and you can get involved with our lovely community of Legs Eleven players from whichever of our bingo games rooms takes your fancy! Take your casino experience all the way up to eleven in live casino games where you could be enjoying all the enjoyment of the casino from the comfort of your own home.

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