Snow Wild 7 Features Reveiw

Snow Wild and the 7 Features Review

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to play slots we go! In this blog, we will be reviewing the magical and enchanted Snow Wild and the 7 Features slot game. Red Tiger Gaming have devised some fantastic UK Online Slots over the years with classics such as Rainbow Jackpots and Dragon’s Luck but to name a few. Despite their many wonderful creations, Snow Wild and the 7 Features may be one of their most creative and certainly one of their most adventurous casino slots yet!

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Is This Red Tiger’s Most Creative Slot Of All?

Snow Wild and the 7 Features is a superbly designed slot that retells the classic fairytale we all know and love, but with a spin on the story and a completely modern twist. Players will recognise the princess in the form of the Snow Wild character as she resembles the traditional princess, yet in this modern twist, she features a rather striking rock-chick edge complete with tattoos, as do the seven other careless companions that make up the features on offer in this slot. Crazy, Tickly, Sneaky, Dozy, Boozy, Goldy and Flash. Befriend these characters in the same way as Snow Wild has and your reams of winning big on the reels could become a reality, as each of these uniquely modern characters represent a variety of bonus features, including triggers such as Wilds, Re-spins and Instant cash prizes.

The Seven Wild Features

One of the reasons why Snow Wild and the 7 Features has made it onto our #LegsElevenLoves list is due to the impressive amount of bonus features on offer and how simple they are to trigger. Players can try their luck at landing three or more Lucky Wheel symbols on the reels and be awarded with a spin with of the lucrative Lucky Wheel alongside Snow Wild herself. The wheel contains all the notable characters that represent different bonus features on offer. Don’t worry, there’s no wicked witch at large here, just plenty of bonuses, keep reading to see what the mob of merry(ish) men in the Snow Wild and 7 Features slot may bring you!

Snow Wild

Just like the classic fairytale we all know and love, Snow Wild’s character remains true to her helpful nature. If players land on the Snow Wild character when spinning the Lucky Wheel, she will blow three Magic Kisses their way and the Lucky Wheel becomes even more lucrative. Three Magic Kisses grant players three equally as magic features from the wheel... instantly! So players can take a spin of the Lucky Wheel and be awarded with three instant bonuses instead of just one!


A beer-themed bonus in a fairytale spin off? Who’d have thought! One of Snow Wilds companions, Boozy, will grant players with a frothy-themed feature if the Lucky Wheel falls to him. Watch the reels wash up Wilds, as Boozy turns on keg taps to drown out lower paying symbols on one or more of the reels.


Next in line is Goldy and he definitely lives up to his nickel nickname! If The Lucky Wheel leads to Goldy, he will jump on the reels and tip his lucrative bucket of gold coins onto them. This will award players with Instant Win prizes.


Red Tiger have kept a classic trait of the traditional tale with the Sleepy character, as he lives on in the inspired slot, in the form of the Dozy character! Whilst both characters are miles apart, their sleeping habits remain the same. If players land on the Dozy character whilst spinning the Lucky Wheel, Dozy will appear on the reels. Watch on as his boisterous snoring blows a bonus towards players, as this will blow the symbols around the reels to grant players more winning opportunities.


Sneaky may appear to be a crooked character, but if players trigger his bonus round during the Lucky Wheel feature, they will benefit from his fiendish feature! Watch on as Sneaky snaps out his saw and hacks away at the reels, chopping up entire panels. These empty spaces pave the way for higher paying symbols and new winning combinations.


The Tickly character may have a cold, but your chances of winning are anything but frosty! Take a spin of the Lucky Wheel and if players land a Tickly tile, Just like the Sneezy dwarf we all know and love, Tickly’s fearsome fever will cause him to sneeze on the reels and trigger respins. This gives players the chance to land greater wins.


Flash… or Slash? You decide! This rocking character will break into a riff on the reels if you trigger the Flash Bonus Round during a Lucky Wheel spin. Flash, armed with his electric guitar, turns up the voltage whilst he rocks out, causing reel reactions in the form of lightning strikes. Pray lightning strikes twice with this bonus round, as old symbols will be blasted away - leaving fresh new ones to drop onto the reels for more opportunities to win.


Go Crazy, with Crazy! He may be the last of the characters, but he is certainly not the tamest of the seven bonus features on offer. Spin the Lucky Wheel and land on the Crazy companion and watch on as he stretches out his arms and masters mischief on the reels. Crazy will swap around symbols he doesn’t like and lucky for us at Legs Eleven, those symbols are low-paying ones! Better yet, Crazy’s bonus round offers players guaranteed wins in this bonus round! Which may make our Legs Eleven players as crazy for this slot as we are!

How does Snow Wild and The 7 Features Compare With Popular Slots?

Here at Legs Eleven, we believe that Snow Wild and the 7 Features slot will provide our online slots community with their own shot at princess-worthy wins! Thanks to the Lucky Wheel feature, where players can watch on as Snow Wild’s companions disrupt the reels whilst improving their chances of winning big. Pack your popcorn and prepare for an animated slot experience from Red Tiger. Although Red Tiger are fairly new to the online slots environment, their immersive and superbly animated slots provide our Legs Eleven community with the best slot experience around - if we do say so ourselves. Red Tiger have a popular catalog of slots here at Legs Eleven, with some of the more notable online slots in the UK being Arcade Bomb and Sumo Spins, thanks to their explosive bonus features on offer. With an added bonus of a 96% RTP, seven bonus rounds on offer and impressive graphics, take a spin of the Snow Wild and the 7 Features slot at Legs Eleven and prepare for a killer slot experience…

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