Cleopatra slots

Cleopatra Series

Cleopatra Series

Here at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK, we have a range of popular slot themes such as Irish Slots and Rocket Slots to name a few. Another incredibly popular slot theme is that of Egyptian Slots with a range of popular titles making up some of the most popular slots here at Legs Eleven. In this blog, we will be looking at the Cleopatra Series of slots with four casino slots based on the iconic Egyptian Queen.

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Who Is Cleopatra?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Ancient Egyptian Queen, here is some background. Cleopatra is the former legendary Queen of Ancient Egypt and was even associated with Alexander The Great. Her image has became a well-known symbol for Ancient Egyptian Royalty as demonstrated in online slots on Legs Eleven as well as museums and historical sites across Egypt and around the world. When people think of Cleopatra, they think of Egyptian Royalty and all the royalties that come with that which can also be found in the Cleopatra Series of slots where there are plenty of big wins on offer…

Cleopatra Themed Slots


Cleopatra is one of the most popular and most played online slots here at Legs Eleven and it is the original game in the Cleopatra Series of slots. Arguably one of the most iconic Egyptian Slots on our site, this slot game is played across 5 reels and 3 rows where there are 20 fixed paylines and a generous betting range too, meaning you have plenty of stake options to choose from. There are also some brilliant bonus features on offer, including a Free Spins Bonus and a Cash Prize that can be rewarded if two or more Sphinx Scatter Symbols appear on the reels.

Cleopatra Plus

Following on from Cleopatra, we have Cleopatra Plus which much like its predecessor, contains the mighty Egyptian Queen at the heart of the game with plenty of bonus features on offer. This online slot is also played across 5 reels and 3 rows with a range of Symbols able to land on the reels, including traditional casino symbols as well as those aligned with the Egyptian theme. This game does contain the well known Level Up Plus feature which IGT have used in other slots such as Wheel Of Fortune On Tour whereby the longer you play, the higher your payback will be which may allow you to unlock new bonus features if triggered.

Cleopatra Diamond Spins

As seen in the previous Cleopatra Slots, Cleopatra Diamond Spins is a Cleopatra-themed online slot containing a traditional slot layout and the associated asthetics you would expect to find in an Egyptian Slot. What separates Cleopatra Diamond Spins from the other slots in the Cleopatra Series is the Diamond Spins Bonus feature on offer which is exclusive to this particular slot. 5 or more Diamond Symbols landing on the reels at the same time will trigger this bonus feature which can award Respins as well as progressive Jackpots and Cash Prizes too! There is alos a Cleopatra Bonus feature in this slot which can award Free Spin with a multiplier worth 3x your stake, meaning you could be in with the chance of receiving big wins.

Cleopatra Gold

Cleopatra Gold is the final online slot in the Cleopatra Series which much like the other Cleopatra Slot Games, is played on 5 reels with an Egyptian theme dictacting the asthetics and the soundtrack of the game. In this slot there is a Free Spins Bonus which like Cleopatra Diamond Spins, comes with a 3x mulitplier which may multiply any wins by 3. In addition to Free Spins, there are also Golden Spins wich can result in Cleopatra Gold Symbols stacking up as high as 3 Symbols, thus potentially awarding you 3 Respins that may lead to big wins!

Battle Maidens Cleopatra

Whilst this Egyptian slot is not intentionally part of the same Cleopatra slots produced by IGT, nonetheless, it is still an Egyptian-themed online slot with the iconic Egyptian Queen at the heart of the game. Battle Maidens Cleopatra adopts a common 5x4 slot format, where there are some brilliant bonus features on offer including Free Spins as well as the Transforming Wilds Feature that can also lead to huge wins! Whilst on the topic of big wins, the maximum wins in Battle Maidens Cleopatra are up to 10,000x your stake, meaning there are plenty of chances to win big. The Egyptian theme is very present in this slot, with the soundtrack and the aesthetics of the slot both adopting areas of traditional Egyptian culture

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