Bank Holiday Bingo

Bank Holiday Bingo

Bank Holiday Bingo

Future of Bingo

Here at Legs Eleven we have 6 different futuristic online Bingo for you to experience!

90 Ball Bingo

Our schedule for 90 Ball Bingo is varied with session times suiting Early Birds to Night Owls and everyone in between! There is a variety of types of games all of which come with a wide range of prizes and opportunities for you to win!

75 Ball Bingo

In the 75 Ball Bingo Room there is a vibrant and lively atmosphere unique to your traditional bingo games with different prizes to be won. There is a schedule with different games during the day so you can check them out and find a time that suits you!

Bank Holiday Bingo

History of Bingo

Whether it’s in your local Bingo hall or on one of our online bingo games, people love to play Bingo. It is believed over 3 million people in the UK play Bingo and it truly is one of the most popular activities to take part in worldwide with millions of players. Whilst it is speculative where Bingo officially originates from, it is generally believed that Bingo hails from Italy. Scholars believe that Bingo is a descendant of Italian lottery, ‘Lo Guioco del Lotto D’Italia’ discovered in the 16th Century however when spreading across Europe and across the World it has changed over time and adapted to whatever culture it has found itself in.

Online Slots

Here at Legs Eleven we understand that online bingo may not be for everyone, and if that is the case, then fear not! We host the best online slots including a range of new online slots as part of our wide variety of gaming options! In order to ensure all players have access to whatever information they may need when on our site, we have devised some pages which may be of use. How To Win At Slots provides information on our slots and how to navigate yourself around them. How To Play Online Bingo covers all areas of bingo at Legs Eleven. Finally, How To Play Roulette offers information on Roulette here at Legs Eleven.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday!

That's it from us, guys! Thank you for reading our Bank Holiday Bingo Blog. We here at Legs Eleven wish you all a safe and fantastic Bank Holiday and if you do decide to game with us on one of our amazing online games, please ensure that you do so responsibly.