Bingo Rooms at Legs Eleven

Bingo Rooms at Legs Eleven

Bingo Rooms

We have a range of brilliant Bingo Rooms available all of which vary in schedule, offers and ticket prices meaning there is a bingo room for everyone at Legs Eleven! If you are unsure as to which Bingo Room suits you the most, please feel free to read and click on any of the links below with our useful descriptions to help make your decision easier.

Room 1- 90 Ball Bingo

The 90 Ball Bingo Room at Legs Eleven has some amazing bingo cash prizes of up to £600! Tickets can be purchased for this Bingo Room up to 30 days in advance from the pre-buy schedule, available in the Bingo Lobby. Tickets for the 90 Ball Bingo Room are available for as little as 10p-25p where this game can be played at all hours of the day so you can play whenever suits you!

Pattern 75 Ball Bingo Room

If you are looking to play in an atmospheric bingo room, then look no further than our 75 Ball Bingo Room where you can play pattern bingo games. In order to become a winner, you must be the first player to have the full pattern marked off on your card with the winner’s name then being displayed on the winner board. You can purchase tickets up to 30 days in advance using the schedule tool or alternatively just before a game starts.

80 Ball Bingo Room

If you are looking for an extremely affordable Bingo Room available 24/7 then the 80 Ball Bingo Room may just be for you! Tickets cost no more than 5p with progressive jackpots available on certain games during the day. You can find out when these jackpots are available by checking the panel above where the tickets are displayed. Alternatively, you can check the bingo pre-buy schedule! If you would like to buy your tickets in advance, they are available up to 30 days prior, or similarly to the 75 Ball Bingo Room, you can purchase them just before a game starts.

The Lounge

Play 90 Ball Bingo in The Lounge where we have a range of featured games on offer! The Lounge is open every evening from 7-10pm where there will be £300 in bingo prizes to be won, along with a range of other prize pots too! Ticket prices vary and just like the other Bingo Rooms at Legs Eleven, they are available to buy up to 30 days in advance from the Pre-Buy tool or alternatively, they can be purchased just before the game starts.

Heavyweight Bingo Room

Our Heavyweight Bingo Room is a bingo room for those interested in winning huge cash prizes! Tickets are available for 25p each, where there is £850 given away each night! Our Heavyweight Bingo game takes place every day at 9pm and tickets can be purchased 30 days in advance via the pre-buy option, or alternatively, they can be purchased just before the game starts.

Bingo Blast Room

If you’ve played and enjoyed Speed Bingo, then you will feel right at home in our Bingo Blast Room. This variation of 90 Ball Bingo allows for a fast-paced and high-speed bingo game, ideal for playing on across desktop, mobile and tablet devices alike. Tickets range from 2p to 10p, with a guaranteed £30,000 given away each month, meaning there is the chance to win huge cash prizes! If there is more than one winner per prize, the prize will be split between multiple players.

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