Bingo Tips

Bingo Tips

Bingo Tips at Legs Eleven

Updated: 22/10/2020

Gone are the days of sitting in a Bingo Hall because here at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK we bring the intrigue directly to you from the comfort of your own home! As UK Online Bingo keeps growing and becoming increasingly popular, we offer a whole range of bingo games to suit different kinds of players, including 75 Ball Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo and even an 80 Ball Bingo Room too!. Not sure of the differences between the Bingo Games we offer? Fear not. Here’s Legs Eleven’s guide to Online Bingo, including some useful tips!

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Getting Organised

One of the most valuable ways to master a game of bingo is knowing your game schedules and knowing when they’re available to Legs Eleven players. With some of our games having quite complex schedules - it’s difficult to keep track of the ones you love to play. Which is why we’ve compiled a complete weekly schedule you can download directly from this post. Take a screenshot and keep track, print it out - even stick it on the fridge! The choice is yours, but knowing when your favourite bingo room is due to open keeps you ahead of the competition and leads you in the right direction to becoming a great bingo player.

Be sure to bookmark and favourite the bingo games you prefer, so you don’t waste a moment of valuable bingo time trying to locate them! Legs Eleven has taken away the stress of downloading softwares and multiple apps, as our website is accessible across all devices, meaning you can play online bingo wherever you are! Players can simply open their internet browsers and all of our online bingo games are just a search away. Open your bookmarks or internet browsers and get ready to follow the call of our online bingo hall, whenever and wherever you want to play.

90 & 75 Ball Bingo

If you’re unsure which game of bingo would suit you best, it’s important to know the difference between our two most popular bingo games, 90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo. 90 Ball bingo is the traditional game which we all know and love, chances are you’ve probably played this a few times before! There are 15 numbers per card, ranging from 1-90. 90 Ball Bingo comes with three chances to win… 1 line, 2 lines or the infamous full house.

Whereas 75 Ball Bingo is a shorter game, which makes for the perfect dose of Bingo for a player who tends to be busy on the go. Don’t let the shorter gameplay deter you from playing, as that means 75 Ball Bingo has the added bonus of a quicker gameplay, offering quicker chances of winning. There is 1 chance to win with this game, simply race against time to complete your card before other players! The number of different winning patterns makes 75 Ball Bingo an entertaining experience as there are so many varieties to complete!

Bingo Tips

Choose The Right Bingo Room For You

Following on from the above tip, it is important that you choose the right Bingo Room for you. We have a range of different Bingo Rooms at Legs Eleven, all of which offer different Bingo Games, so it is vital you choose the one that suits you. For example, if you are wanting to play Bingo with a budget, you may be interested in the Bargain Bingo Room where tickets are available for as little as 1p! If you are wanting to play Speed Bingo with a twist, you may wish to check out our Bingo Blast Room which conducts Online Bingo at a fast pace. If you are looking for Bingo with a variety of games on offer, then head to The Lounge where there are plenty of Bingo options to choose from!

Buy More Bingo Cards

One of the simple yet effective pieces of advice to give to a budding bingo star, is to purchase and play with more than one bingo card. Having more than one card in a game of bingo gives players more chances at winning and an advantage over other bingo players in the room. If all players were to purchase 1 bingo card, players would have the same odds at winning. However, if you were the player to purchase 5 extra cards in the same game of online bingo, then you would increase your chances of winning by a major 500%. Don’t worry about the hassle of having multiple cards to maneuver, as our bingo software is developed to support players. Think you may have missed a number on one of your cards? We automatically mark the cards for you, so you will never miss any numbers in the same way you may miss a call in a Bingo Hall.

## Play Safely

It is vitally important when playing bingo at Legs Eleven that you do so safely and with safer gambling in mind. There are many ways of ensuring you play bingo in a safe and responsible manner, for example, setting yourself a budget can be really useful when it comes to playing safely. By setting yourself a budget, you are committing yourself to not buying more bingo tickets, thus having more control over your spending. Another useful tip is to only play when in a calm and neutral mood. If you play when you are agitated, you may not be focusing on how much you are spending and may overspend. Alternatively, if you play when in an excited mood, you may lose track of how many bingo tickets you have bought. Finally, do not play bingo, or any other casino game for that matter, as a means of financial gain. When gambling, there is a risk of losing money and no guarantee that you will win, so please only play bingo leisurely and not with the intention of improving your finances.

That’s all from us!

Thank you for reading our blog on bingo tips at Legs Eleven! If online bingo isn’t for you, you may wish to look at a range of the best online slots which includes new online slots too, several of which come with a range of brilliant bonus features, including Free Spins! We also have a vibrant Live Casino community with casino games such as roulette, poker, and blackjack, plus more! You may wish to visit How To Win At Slots, How To Play Online Bingo, or How To Play Roulette for information on all of our games here at Legs Eleven.

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