What is the difference between Online Bingo and Bingo Halls?

Online Bingo v Bingo Halls

Online Bingo and Bingo Halls

Updated: 21/12/2020

At Legs Eleven, we offer a range of excellent online games to our players. In particular, UK online slots, UK online bingo and a wide selection of fantastic casino games too! We also take great pride in producing some brilliant and creative casino blogs, all of which have been designed to give our players in-depth information about some of their favourite online games. In this blog, we will be discussing the main differences between playing bingo online and playing in a bingo hall.

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The Bingo Atmosphere

An obvious difference between online bingo and playing a bingo hall environment is the atmosphere you will experience. Quite naturally, bingo in a bingo hall will have more human interaction as you will be in a room with other people. However, we refrain from suggesting that there is more atmosphere in a bingo hall, as more often than not, online bingo rooms can contain just as good an atmosphere as a bingo hall. Thanks to the advancement in technology, playing bingo online can often allow you to connect with more people and more bingo players than you would if you were playing in a bingo hall, with a range of bingo rooms aiming to replicate the lively atmosphere. For example, at Legs Eleven, our 75 Ball Bingo has been designed to contain a fun and vibrant alternative to regular bingo games.

The Convenience of Bingo

Another obvious difference between online bingo and a bingo hall is the convenience on offer. To play real-life bingo, you will have to get ready and get yourself down to your local hall, usually in a town centre or on a high street. If you wish to play online bingo, you can simply play wherever you are! All of our bingo games here at Legs Eleven have been fully optimised so that you are able to play online bingo on desktop, mobile or tablet devices! You can even play bingo on our Legs Eleven App which has been designed by App engineers to ensure for quick and easy access to online bingo and a range of casino games!


What You Can Win in Bingo

One difference between online bingo and playing in a bingo hall which might not be as commonly known is the bonuses and prizes on offer. For example, one of our bingo welcome offers at Legs Eleven can award free bingo tickets for simply depositing cash when you sign up! There is also a greater chance of winning larger prizes when playing online bingo, with bingo rooms such as Heavyweight Bingo giving away £850 every night!

The Variety of Bingo On Offer

As you may expect, there is a lot more variety on offer when it comes to playing bingo online in comparison to in a bingo hall. Online bingo sites, such as Legs Eleven, will often have a range of different bingo rooms available, all of which may vary in schedules, ticket prices and bingo prizes on offer. There will also be variation in the actual bingo games themselves, with both 90 Ball and 75 Ball Bingo being very popular to play. Compare this to playing bingo in a bingo hall, where you would be more likely to be limited to one particular bingo game.

Technology and Bingo

Probably the most obvious difference between online bingo and land-based bingo is the advancement in technology and how this can truly enhance your experience! As we have already mentioned, all online bingo games at Legs Eleven have been optimised so that they can be played across multiple devices, meaning you have fingertip access to a range of different bingo games, wherever you are! The enhanced technology also means that online bingo games can be played at a fast pace, allowing for a high-speed bingo game, with amazing graphics and even an uplifting soundtrack to complement the experience.

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That’s it from us! Thank you for reading our blog covering the differences between playing bingo online and in a bingo hall! For more bingo blogs, head over to how to play online bingo where we have blogs such as tips when playing online bingo and more!

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