Tips When Playing Roulette

Tips When Playing Roulette

Tips When Playing Roulette

Updated: 24/09/2020

At Legs Eleven, we are primarily a UK Online Slots and UK Online Bingo-led site, however recently we have been increasing our live casino presence with a range of How To Play Roulette blogs being released as part of our wide selection. In this blog, we will be looking at tips when playing Roulette, and whilst they won’t increase your chances of winning, they can certainly give you some help as you consider your strategy.

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Please Remember Before We Begin…

As we have already mentioned, these tips will not increase your chances of winning*. We can’t stress that enough. However, what these tips will do is give you a better idea of key strategies to adopt when playing our Roulette Games at Legs Eleven as well as safety points to ensure a safer gambling experience.


Play Within Your Budget

We can’t stress enough the importance of playing Roulette, or any casino game for that matter, within a budget that you have set yourself. When depositing funds into your account, we ask that you do it with a safer gambling mindset to ensure that you don’t spend what you can’t afford. We strongly advise depositing what you wish to play with initially and if you wish to deposit more, we would strongly advise thinking carefully about how much extra you wish to deposit. We recommend this with all our casino games, however, a benefit of playing with Roulette is that you can get a range of different chips values. For example, you could be placing chips worth £5 but you may become close to going over budget. If this was the case, you could decide to bet chips of lower value with some Roulette games having chips worth 10p and 20p.

Study The Bet Options

There are a range of different betting options that need to be considered in the game of Roulette. Before placing your bets on the felt, it is important to know what you can bet and what you are betting. There are two main types of bets, Inside Bets and Outside Bets. Both of these betting types have a range of different bets within them that can be placed and they have different odds, so will pay out differently if they win. Some Outside Bets include options such as betting on whether the ball will land on a Red or Black number, or alternatively if the ball will land on an Odd or Even number. Some Inside Bets include Straight Up bets, which requires simply betting on a number, or you can place Split Bets, where you place the chip on a line between two numbers, thus increasing your chances of winning, however with smaller odds on offer.

Play Leisurely

As with all casino games at Legs Eleven, we strongly advise only to play our games in a leisurely manner. Do not play Roulette with the intention of improving your finances or as a means to pass the time. We have a range of excellent Roulette games on offer, all of which contain different formats, features, and functions, including both Live Roulette that can be played in a fast-paced environment or Table Games that allow you to play Roulette at your own speed. Whichever Roulette games you do wish to play, we ask that you do it in a responsible and leisurely manner and that you do so safely.

Play When Calm

As well as playing in a leisurely manner, we strongly ask that you only play our Roulette games when in a calm mood. We discuss this in our safer gambling section on our site, but our casino products including Roulette games are to be played for fun and it is important to keep it that way and ensure that you control your gambling. As cliche as it sounds, playing Roulette and other casino games when in an agitated mindset can often make you lose focus and you may overspend what you had initially budgeted. We would also advise you to not play Roulette when in an overly excited mood as you may lose track of how much you are spending with the adrenaline.

Choose A Roulette Game That Suits You

We have a range of different Roulette games here at Legs Eleven so it is important that you choose a game that is right for you. As we have mentioned, our Roulette games do vary quite a bit, so before playing, we would recommend reading the game page to ensure it is the right one for you. If you are looking to play Roulette at your own pace, we would recommend Relax Roulette. If you are looking for a more fast-paced game, we would recommend visiting Live Speed Roulette for a live casino game played with other players. There are many different Roulette games you can play and to ensure you have the best experience, make sure you pick the right one.

Thanks For Reading!

Thank you for reading our blog on tips when playing Roulette! For tips on other casino games, we have Tips When Playing Online Slots and our Bingo Tips blog too!