Tips When Playing Online Slots

Tips When Playing Online Slots

Tips When Playing Online Slots

Updated: 26/6/2020

Here at Legs Eleven, we are mad about UK Online Slots and as such, take great pride in offering many fabulous online slot games to our loyal players. Our slots offering stretches over a wide range of categories, including Irish Slots, Egyptian Slots and Rocket Slots to name a few. We also have a wide range of Megaways Slots that feature the iconic and ever-popular Megaways Mechanic. Here in this blog, we will be exploring some useful tips to consider when playing online slots.

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Some Pointers Before We Begin…

As mentioned, in this blog we will be discussing some useful tips for playing casino slots, however it is important to remember that they will not increase your chances of winning. What these tips will do, however, is give you careful points to consider when playing slots to ensure you have a safe as well as strategic gameplay. By taking these tips on board, you will be allowing yourself more affordable gameplay as all these tips are advised with a safer gambling mindset.

Tips When Playing Online Slots

Always Play Within Your Means

When playing online slots, the most important aspect to consider is your safety and ensuring that you do not go over budget, putting yourself in financial difficulty. Here at Legs Eleven, we advise all players to visit safer gambling before signing up, so they are fully aware of the measures that can be put in place to ensure a safe gaming experience with us. If you have set yourself a specific budget, it would be advisable to place smaller stakes so that you can play for a longer period of time, thus maximising the use of your budget. We would also recommend that you don’t deposit additional funds regularly when playing slots as it is easy to get carried away in the spur of the moment. If a slot game contains the autoplay function and you wish to use it, we would strongly recommend setting loss limits that will stop the function if a certain amount of your balance has been lost whilst spins have been spinning automatically.

Study The Bonus Features

All online slots that contain bonus features will go into at least a small amount of detail on the bonus features in the game description. If you are intrigued by the bonus features and wish to find out more, we would strongly recommend selecting the information menu on the actual game itself where you can access more in-depth information about the bonus features from the gaming providers themselves. It is important to have knowledge of the bonus features as they can often be multiple-choice, where you have to make a decision, such as ‘Collect or Gamble’ which as you’d guess, gives the option of collecting your winnings or gambling them for potentially more, but you may also lose it. Bonus features often vary per slot game so we always advise having a look in at least some depth at the bonus features on offer in the slot you are playing.

Choose An RTP That Suits You

RTP (Return To Player) is a measure in percentage of average stakes that are returned to players, with each game having their own RTP amount. For example, if a game had an RTP of 95%, for everyone £1 placed, you could expect to receive 95p back. Of course, this is purely statistical and is not guaranteed in any slot game. If you wish to find the RTP of any casino slot, select the information menu on the slot game where the RTP should be labelled under the ‘About’ section.

Only Play When In A Calm Mood

As mentioned in our safer gambling section, playing online slots is for fun, however it is important to keep it that way and to know how to control your gambling. It may sound cliche, but don’t play slots if you are in a bad and/or stressed mindset as this can often make you lose focus and you may spend more than you initially planned to. Likewise, we would advise against playing online slots when in an excited mood as you may lose track of how much you are spending with the adrenaline.

Set Yourself Checkpoints

This may sound like a bizarre bit of advice but it is just as important. Before playing slots, we recommend setting yourself a checkpoint at which to reflect and then consider if you want to continue playing. This can often be very important in order to prevent you from spending longer on a game than you planned or alternatively, spending more than initially budgeted. This checkpoint could be a financial one where you stop playing after a certain amount has been spent, it could be a time limit where you stop playing after a certain amount of time, or it could be a more contextual checkpoint, for example stopping after 15 spins of a slot game. Whatever checkpoint suits your gameplay, we thoroughly recommend considering them as a means to control your gameplay.

Thanks For Reading!

Thank you for reading our tips for when you’re playing online slots! If you wish to play other casino games, we recommend UK Online Bingo as well as our range of Live Casino Games for more gaming options. We have other blog pages such as How To Play Online Bingo and How To Play Roulette if you wish to find out more about alternative gaming options.