Best Stocking Fillers To Buy

Best Stocking Fillers To Buy

The Best Stocking Fillers to Buy!

Spending time with family, cheese boards and falling asleep after a big Christmas dinner; many people have several Christmas traditions that are important to them. Some may be the same, some may vary, however one thing a lot of us have in common at Christmas is presents. It started from the Three Wise Men giving baby Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh at his birth and over the years it's evolved and adapted to a yearly tradition where we exchange gifts with our loved ones and friends. Giving presents to your family and friends directly is never too difficult, usually a wish list or a brief conversation can cover what to get them, however one taboo area that can often leave people scratching their heads are stocking presents. Well, we here at Legs Eleven online slots UK have devised what think are The Best Stocking Fillers to Buy

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Why Are Stocking Fillers So Important?

Before we go into what we believe to be the Best Stocking Fillers to Buy, we think it’s important to look at the significance of Stocking Fillers and why they are so important to the Christmas morning presents ritual…

“Something Little”

There is no beating around the bush, Stocking Fillers are never the main presents. They are always something nice on the side, which can complement the bigger presents that will be wrapped and placed under the tree, or given directly. Stocking Fillers carry a constant underlying tokenism that they are just that little bit extra and that alone is worth brownie points and feels good. Any little presents are often seen as such and therefore there is never a massive expectation associated with them. Any little presents are seen as something extra and bring a level of surprised gratitude.

Socially Acceptable to Avoid Wrapping Them!

This is a time-saving and rubbish-avoiding bonus. Generally speaking, because the presents are already inside something - the stocking - then they don’t need to be wrapped. Also because the general size of Stocking Fillers is smaller, it sometimes seems pointless wrapping something so little.

A Lot of a Little!

When on the topic of the size of the presents, you can’t escape the fact that a lot of small presents can fit in normal-sized stockings. The concept of “stocking” can often be used as a collective term and when people ask what others got in their stocking, the more they can list the better it sounds. Whilst they have received more, it’s really just a lot of little presents.


All presents are personal as they are going to a specific person, however, stockings really are the opportunity to express how well you know someone. Often, due to the size, they aren’t very expensive presents so it’s an opportunity to truly show how well you know someone’s taste with a size limited budget.

So, What Are the Best Stocking Fillers to Buy?

Of course, this will vary upon age, gender, relationship with the person and so on and so forth. There is no webpage long enough to discuss every single good stocking idea, however the purpose of this blog is to discuss the Best Stocking Fillers to Buy in general and give you guys some ideas as to what to buy…


Quite an obvious one, but an often popular one! Obviously given the sizing restrictions, full makeup sets and pallets may be rather difficult to fit in any size stocking, however smaller sized makeup products can be ideal presents which come with great value. Obviously, there are a lot of makeup products but any of the following can be used:

beauty sponge







makeup brush

You get the idea, there really are so many small makeup products that go great in a stocking!

Bath Bombs

“….and relax” is what your recipient will say when using this simple but excellent gift. This gift can be found in several high-street and online beauty stores and with a simple yet effective application, it will certainly be met with the utmost gratitude.

Face Masks

See above. Face Masks are very simple yet very relaxing gifts which after a long stressful day at work, or before a night on the town, can let you unwind and reap the benefits of smooth skin.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised photo frames, keyrings, engraved hip flasks. The list is endless as to how many different items can be personalised to mean that much more to your loved ones. Forgetting materialism for one minute, that extra level of sentiment (on top of other presents) can really mean a lot to people over the holiday period.


Who doesn’t love chocolate and sweets, right?! Cost-effective, delicious and goes down a treat. Chocolate and sweets will more often than not bring a smile to the faces of our loved ones, plus they’re easy to share so you may get some back!


Just make sure they’re not lit! Candles can often be a very good present as they can bring peace to a room over a busy and sometimes stressful time period. Whilst small in value, they often quietly but effectively have an impact wherever they are and are very popular gifts. Varying in size and smell, candles are certainly a safe bet when looking at Stocking Fillers.

That’s it From Us!

Thank you for reading our blog on the Best Stocking Fillers to Buy. We hope you have enjoyed our ideas as much as we have and we certainly hope it’s helped any last-minute Christmas shopping! It happens to the best of us…

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Legs Eleven!

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