New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is an exciting time for many, with the opportunity for a fresh start and a clean slate. Whatever problems or bad traits and habits you may have picked up last year, a new year is truly a great time to forget all that and move forward with your life. Not only is the new year a time to forget anything negative in one’s life, but it is also an opportunity to think optimistically and take up some positive and healthier habits which can really better yourself and make for a much healthier lifestyle. Here at Legs Eleven online slots UK we have devised what we think are some very positive New Year’s Resolutions which can truly help oneself mentally, physically and pragmatically.

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So, Why ‘New Year New Me’?

By setting a New Year’s Resolution, you are giving yourself something to work towards for your betterment. Something that if you achieve not only will you feel excellent but it will be something that will benefit you in the short and/or long term (depending on what it is). There are some typical New Year’s Resolutions, which whilst slightly cliché, can be fantastic for personal health, mental wellbeing and personal growth. Alternatively, there can also be New Year’s Resolutions that are specific to an individual and may be based on individual preferences. This guide will discuss more generic New Year’s Resolutions that generally would benefit most people, however it would be down to you as an individual to apply metrics, milestones, and timeframes to whichever resolutions you wish to take on board.

Cook New Foods

Whether it is once a day, once a week, once a fortnight or once a month, that decision is up to you! Eating new foods can often broaden the mind and can be fun as you get the chance to try something new which you find a taste for. And if you don’t like it? No problem! Try something else new. There’s no limit as to how many new foods you can try and with so many international recipes easily accessible online and/or in cookbooks, the opportunities are endless to try some new grub.

Eat Healthier Foods

This can easily tie in well with the above resolution. Following the festive period, a lot of us have eaten a lot in joyous celebration and see the start of the new year as an opportunity to cut down on fatty and sugary foods and eat healthier. This can often be with the intention of weight loss or simply just in accordance with a healthier lifestyle whereby healthy foods help. Different diet plans work for different people and a balanced diet is usually the best option, however more often than not, people who successfully eat healthy in the new year will replace fats, unnecessary carbs and sugars with healthier alternatives. For example, swapping white bread for brown bread.

Exercise More

When we talk about exercising more, this could be in way, shape or form - literally! A lot of people like to join a gym in the new year as this can often help with weight loss, muscle growth or just general fitness and personal targets - all of which are also very good personal New Year’s Resolutions!. Sometimes joining a gym can be daunting, so people will exercise in other ways, for example going for a run or cycling more. Playing or taking up a new sport is also a very popular way of exercising more in the new year and it can be very beneficial for both physical and mental health. Whichever exercise method you decide to take up, ensure that you take it easy at first and always stretch before and after exercising as causing yourself an injury would certainly be counterproductive!

Read More Books

For those bookworms out there, this may not apply to you. For those who don’t read often or only do so when on holiday, reading more books can not only improve self literacy and language skills, but it can also be simply fun and enjoyable. So find a book you are interested in, either fiction or non-fiction and then read it leisurely at your own pace and in your own time. This can be so relaxing and can give you a sense of accomplishment when finished. Give it a try!

Learn A New Skill

Now, this resolution really is up to you. Ever wanted to try something but never got round to doing it? Learning how to play an instrument? Learning a new language? Taking up a new sport? There are so many things you can learn to do and with thousands of crash courses online, your options are endless as to what new skill you may wish to learn. Take your time with it, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the chances are you will make mistakes at first, however we learn from them and they ultimately help us in whatever it is we are learning to do!

Be More Environmentally Friendly

Certainly, a very topical issue, but being environmentally friendly is most definitely a New Year’s Resolution that will benefit us all! This can range from doing more recycling, to car sharing, to energy-efficient lights and so much more! If you want to do your bit for the planet and make the world a more environmentally friendly place to live, there are so many options that require minimal sacrifice yet, in the long run, could potentially have a massively positive effect on our planet if we all play our part.

Donate Clothes To Charity

This, of course, should only apply to those who would benefit from a slight clear out. If you feel like you have too many clothes or just simply have some clothes that you don’t like and/or wear, there are plenty of charity shops that would take them and they’ll be sure to find them a good home. Not only is this a very charitable deed, it can also clear unwanted clutter and make stuff for other necessities in your home, which of course brings its own benefits.

Have A Great Year!

Thanks for reading our guide on New Year’s Resolutions and whatever you decide to change this year, we here at Legs Eleven wish you good luck and good health with whatever you do!

Thanks for reading our guide on New Year’s Resolutions and whatever you decide to change this year, we here at Legs Eleven wish you good luck and good health with whatever you do!

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