Monopoly Megaways Review

Monopoly Megaways Review

Monopoly Megaways Review

Updated: 10/09/2020

Here at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK, we take pride in offering the best online slots produced by the best gaming providers in the business. We have a range of different themes across our casino slots giving players a wide range of games to choose from. Megaways Slots are up there with the most played slots here at Legs Eleven and in this blog, we will be looking at Monopoly Megaways which is one of our most popular slots.

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About Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megways is a slot game inspired entirely by the iconic board game that we all know and love. Whilst it is an online slot game, everything about the slot takes inspiration from the board game, from the aesthetics and the symbols on the reels to the bonus features on offer. Big Time Gaming, who created both this slot as well as the Megaways Mechanic, have done everything in their power to ensure this online slot is as close to the board game as it can possibly be.

The layout of Monopoly Megaways is that of a traditional Megaways Slot with 6 reels. Between 2 and 7 symbols can appear on each. Also in true Megaways fashion, there are up to 117,649 ways to win, ensuring a unique yet interesting gaming experience for all players. Monopoly Megaways boasts a range of brilliant Bonus Features, from Free Spins, to its own unique Monopoly Board which contains similar features to those in the well-known board game! With high-quality graphics, a much-loved theme and layout not often found in online slots makes this an interesting gaming experience that’s sure to attract all kinds of slot players.

Monopoly Megaways Review

How Do You Play Monopoly Megaways?

Setting Your Stake

Before playing Monopoly Megaways, it is important that you set a stake that you are willing to bet and that is within your budget. You can set your stake by using the arrows to the right of the screen and please remember that you can adjust your stake at any point you wish during the game.


Once you have a stake you are happy with, begin playing by selecting the play button which will spin the reels, thus revealing symbol combinations. Keep an eye out for any winners! There is also the autoplay function available in Monopoly Megaways which allows you to spin the reels automatically if you wish. If you would like to use this function, select the auto button on the right-hand side of the screen and select how many spins you would like to spin automatically. There is also a loss limit and win limit option which stops the game if either is reached.

What Bonus Features Are Available?

As mentioned previously, there are a range of brilliant bonus features on offer in Monopoly Megaways, some of which you will have seen before, some of which are exclusive to this board game-themed slot!

Reactions Feature

This feature is also known as ‘Tumbling Reels’ or ‘Cascading Reels’ in other slots. All winning symbols are part of a reaction and will be replaced by falling symbols from the positions above. This can lead to further winning combinations being formed where the process will repeat itself until there are no new winning combinations.

Free Spins Bonus

The Free Spins Bonus will be awarded when a 5th House symbol is added to a Property with 8 Free Spins being awarded. Following this, whenever Free Spins have triggered again, an additional 3 Free Spins will be awarded. Every additional House symbol after the 5th will also award an extra free spin. The Free Spins Bonus can also be triggered via a CHANCE card.

Monopoly Board

Now, this is the Bonus Feature you have been waiting for! The Monopoly Board Bonus Feature is directly influenced by the iconic board game with the same features available! Situated below the reels, Mr Monopoly is awaiting a winning combination of symbols which will see him stroll across the board and land on one of the following features:

Properties- If on your third reaction you land on a Property, a House symbol will be added to it. For each extra reaction, an additional House symbol will be awarded.

Train Stations- Whenever you land on a Train Station, it becomes yours.

Utilities- Just like the Train Stations, every time you land on a Utility you accumulate it.

Go- Whenever you land on GO, the following spin will be a Maximum Megaways with great opportunities to win!

Community Chest- Whenever you land on this Feature, a card will send you to a Property where up to 4 Houses can be added.

Chance- When you land on the Chance Feature, there are 3 possible options that can follow. Either you will be awarded a spin at Max Megaways, you will trigger another Bonus Feature or you can be sent to a random Property where up to 4 Houses can be added.

What Do We Think?

At Legs Eleven we rate Monopoly Megaways very highly. It’s an online slot that replicates the iconic board game we’ve all played at some point in our lives. With the Monopoly Board being more or less an identical feature from the board game, it really brings home some nostalgic memories making for a pleasant and unique gaming experience. The graphics in this Megaways Slot are up there with the best on our site and can be appreciated in equal measure across desktop, mobile and tablet devices alike. On top of all that, as with most Megaways Slots, Monopoly Megaways provides players with plenty of opportunities to win thanks to the brilliant bonus features on offer, complemented by outstanding aesthetics and a superb slot theme! If you’re a big fan of the Monopoly theme try Monopoly Live or Slingo Monopoly.

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