Rocket Men Review

Rocket Men Review

Rocket Men Slot Review

Updated: 20/7/2020

If you like your UK online slots with a side of laugh-out-loud humour then Rocket Men fits the bill! This blog review will be looking at the controversial Rocket Men slot and taking an in-depth look at all the bonuses, rules, and features to give you a brilliant review of a slot that we think is worth the hype.

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About Rocket Men Slot

Updated: 12/3/2020

The controversial title from the studios of Red Tiger, Rocket Men, isn’t your average slot nor is it a slot based on the Elton John classic; its satirical comedy pokes some lighthearted humour at two of the biggest world leaders of their timet. Red Tiger is well-known in the industry for its unique spin on online slots, having conquered themes including the popular jovial Irish leprechaun, a crazy circus, Day of the Dead, and even Satan himself. There isn’t a topic they’re scared to broach, and we’re glad they approached this funny nuclear Armageddon with their usual vigour.

The humour sets in from the moment the game launches as you smack the all-important big red button to start the game and get the show on the road. The colour scheme maintains a bright, oddly peaceful atmosphere despite the impending nuclear warfare that you’re about to let loose on the reels, with light blues in the background and some deep reds in the foreground to bring your attention where it's needed: the reels! At either side of the reels are the podiums for each leader; on the left, an elaborate stage for Don and, to the right, a uniform platform for Kim.

The game is led by the main characters as they battle it out to assert their dominance of the reels of the casino game, firing explosives at the reels simply because they can - and what else are they going to do with their midweek evenings? When a bonus feature is triggered, the two leaders shoot their favourite objects at each other; Kim’s favourite hamburgers are launched across the reels in rapid succession as Don fires back with the bricks he seems to love so much, to the extent that he will build a wall around his enemy if he wins the battle to trigger his bonus round. The small details pull this slot game together to form a well-rounded game that is brilliant not only for its humour but also for its potential wins!

Across the 5x3 reels are 20 paylines that you could land matching symbols across to create wins, with a few creative symbols thrown in the mix to keep in with the theme of the slot. There are Wilds available to help make winning spins, so you’ll want to look out for the blue and red bombs that are launched onto the reels every now-and-then. Triggering the bonuses requires finding both the Don and Kim symbols, which will initiate the brief animated battle and determine which leader wins and, therefore, which bonus you’re going to get your teeth into!

How to Play Rocket Men Slot


This is the first button you’re going to need as you play Rocket Men, just like all the other online slots available here at Legs Eleven. To change the stake from the default amount, all you need to do is click the Stake button and choose from the list of available amounts between 10p - £100 per spin. You can change this at any time as long as the previous spin has been completed.


Autospin is an important button for many online slots players, giving you the ability to put your feet up and let the computer complete a set number of spins for you. Not only that, but you can also set a win and loss limit so that the computer automatically ends the feature if the value is exceeded, so you can make sure that you have full control over your budget at all times. If you want to end the feature early, you can do this whenever you like by pressing Stop.


While the graphics and animations are hilarious and well worth watching, if you would rather shorten them and cut straight to the important part of revealing your potential wins then you’ll love Turbo mode! Press this button to increase the animation speed of all your spins. You can turn it off at any time by pressing Turbo again.


The only thing we would change in this slot is replacing the traditional spin button with a big red button to put the power into your fingertips! Regardless, this yellow button is the last step before the reels are set into motion. Pressing this will deduct the set stake amount from your available balance and the symbols will roll into place to reveal any wins. Spacebar also works to spin the reels if you’d prefer to use a keyboard shortcut, and holding this down will increase the animation speed to the maximum.


While we aim to give you as much information as we possibly can on Rocket Men, if you ever need a reminder on the value of each of your symbols, the paylines, bonuses, and more, then you can find all you need in the Pays menu. You can access this at any time once the previous spin is finished by clicking the ‘≡’ icon and selecting Pays.

Rocket Men Review

Rocket Men Bonus Features

Kim’s Little Game

If Kim shows up on the reels then Kim’s Little Game will commence! Take cover as the nation leader launches nuclear bombs at the reels, leaving random Wilds lying around.

Don’s Driving Range

If you find a Don symbol then he’ll celebrate by taking his best clubs for a day out to the reels, and start launching golf balls at the symbols he thinks are total losers, which will then make room for new symbols to tumble into view, giving you another chance to score some wins.

Boom Time

If Don and Kim turn up at the same time, the great battle of bricks vs burgers will start; if Kim is the winner he’ll treat himself to some nukes! There are 5 buttons available and you’ll get the honours of pushing one in this brilliant ‘pick-me’ bonus, which will send an explosive out to the map. Whichever multiplier it lands on, you win! This will continue until you accidentally land in the water… oops…

Party Time

After Don and Kim come face-to-face on the reels and fire bricks and burgers at each other, if Don comes out on top then he’ll kick back and relax with the funny Party Time feature, which is a ‘pick-me’ bonus in which you just need to click on whichever girls you want to reveal their multiplier reward. This continues until you find ‘Collect’.


The burger vs bricks battle was a draw! The only way to decide the real winner is to fire rockets at each other until there’s only one man left standing, right? Right! In this brilliant bonus, you get unlimited free spins until one of the leaders loses. As the spins progress, Don’s nukes will start travelling to the right towards Kim, whose nukes will start travelling to the left towards Don. If the nukes hit each other they’re wiped from the reels, but if they make it to the other leader then they will lose a health point. That’s not all! These nukes also count as Wilds, so you could be racking up wins in the meantime…

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks…

Can you tell how much we love Red Tiger’s online slots? Their quirky, modern casino slots are not only entertaining, but they can be seriously rewarding, especially with the kind of bonuses available in Rocket Men. If you trigger Spin-Mageddon, the free spins on offer are unlimited, so let’s hope it takes a while for the leaders to decide on a winner. If funny slots are your thing and you love great bonuses, definitely try out one of our new releases, Beavis and Butthead for some hilarious encounters with one of the most famous duos of the 90s! If you enjoy a rocket-themed slot, you may be interested in other themed slots such as Irish Slots and Egyptian Slots plus many more at Legs Eleven.