Slots Bonuses and Features

Slots Bonuses and Features

Slot Bonus Features: All You Need To Know

Updated: 26/02/2021

Long gone are the days of simply spinning slots and hoping that it results in a winning combination. Nowadays, the vast majority of online slots will contain a bonus feature of some sort which, in a nutshell, adds something extra to a casino slot as opposed to merely spinning the reels. No two bonus features are the same, with plenty of variation in how they are triggered. They change a slot game, and the overall result of a bonus feature could be anything! When a bonus feature is triggered, the slot's structure can often change entirely. The bonus feature may be an extra reel, it may spin the reels for free, or even take you away from the main screen to a different bonus game altogether. In this casino blog, we will discuss slot bonuses and features, how they work, and their implications on online slots. We will also give examples of some of the best slot bonus features and some of the best online slots you can play to find these bonus features!

Examples of some of the best slot game Bonuses & Features

There are so many different bonus features across our excellent collection of online slots here at Legs Eleven. Sometimes, an online slot will have a bonus feature exclusive to that slot in particular, but this is quite rare. The vast majority of online slots will include popular bonuses that feature in several different slot games. Here are some of the bonus features you may find in online slots at Legs Eleven:

Free Spins

Arguably the most popular bonus feature, Free Spins can be triggered in a number of different ways, often depending on the slot game itself. One very common way to trigger Free Spins is via Scatter symbols. For example, if three or more Scatter symbols land on the reels simultaneously, this will trigger Free Spins for several slots. In this example, quite often, the more Scatter symbols that land, the more Free Spins that are awarded. Other popular ways of triggering a Free Spins bonus are either via landing Free Spins symbols instead of Scatter symbols or via multi-feature options, such as Bonus Wheels, where you spin the wheel to reveal a bonus feature option which could include Free Spins among others. Free Spins can be found in a range of different online slots, including 9 Pots of Gold, Rainbow Riches Free Spins and Rainbow Jackpots.


Multipliers are arguably the most varied bonus feature on our list of popular bonus features. Sometimes multipliers are part of other bonus features. For example, Free Spins often come with multipliers attached. Some slots will contain increasing multipliers. Your multiplier could increase by 1x your stake for each winning spin, leading to bigger wins each time you win. Sometimes multipliers need to be triggered and are their own feature altogether, where the game will carry on, as usual, but any winning spin will be met with whichever multiplier is in use. Slots with multipliers include Lucky Ways Multiplier, Griffin’s Throne and Arcane Gems.


Re-Spins are a very popular feature as they give players a chance to Re-Spin the reels when playing slots. What makes Re-Spins so popular with players is that they allow players to Re-Spin the reels at no extra cost, yet still at the same value as their previous spin, very similar to a Free Spin. This creates the opportunity for potentially bigger wins than you may have initially anticipated, as, by the nature of Re-Spins, they can often appear randomly. This does depend on the slot, as sometimes Re-Spins can be triggered as part of another feature, or by certain symbols landing on the reels. Slots that feature Re-Spins include Punk Rocker Slot and Cleopatra Slot.

Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels are also known as 'Tumbling Reels' and can be found in the vast majority of Megaways slots. This bonus feature will see the symbols involved in a winning combination removed from the reels and replaced with new symbols. This may lead to another winning combination being formed, where the process will then repeat itself. This can lead to multiple winning combinations. More often than not, there is no limit as to how many times this process can repeat itself. Cascading Reels can be found in many Megaways slots, such as Rainbow Riches Megaways, Buffalo Rising Megaways and Monopoly Megaways, plus many more!

Expanding Reels

Expanding Reels is a bonus feature that has undoubtedly become more common in recent years. Essentially, Expanding Reels are when either reels expand or are added to the reels grid. This can be a very generous bonus feature. Suppose there is an extra or larger reel on the reels grid. In that case, that means there are more symbols that can land on the reels and therefore greater chances of a winning combination or triggering a different bonus feature. Starclusters Megaclusters is one of our best online slots with Expanding Reels. We also have the Book of Ra Deluxe 6, where you can activate and deactivate the 6th reel as you choose.

Bonus Wheels

Bonus Wheels are often very popular bonus features for gaming providers to include, as they install a level of interaction and engagement, whereby the player gets involved in distributing bonus features. A bonus feature is often unlocked by symbols landing on the reels or several points being accumulated after multiple winning combinations. Players will then be presented with the bonus wheel to spin, revealing a feature for them to use. The logistics and format of bonus wheels do indeed vary per slot, however, this is a rough overall description of how they work. Most of the Jackpot King slots at Legs Eleven contain a Bonus Wheel feature, like The Goonies Jackpot King, where six different bonus features could be awarded as a result of the bonus wheel.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols, like other features, vary to some degree depending on the slot. Wild symbols' most common use is to replace other symbols (apart from Scatter symbols) on the reels to help form winning combinations. This does indeed vary quite a bit per slot, however, the concept of Wild symbols as a whole is to replace other symbols on the reels and see winning combinations form. This can, of course, help lead to multiple wins! Slots containing Wild symbols include Starburst and Spartan King.

Scatter Symbols

We have already briefly touched on Scatter symbols, as their purpose is often to trigger other bonus features. They can appear on the reels at random after any spin, just like any other symbol. However, if a certain number of Scatter symbols appear, they will most likely trigger a bonus feature. A typical example is three or more Scatter symbols appearing on the reels simultaneously awarding a certain number of Free Spins. The number of Free Spins awarded will often depend on the number of Scatter symbols that land. For example, if three land, 10 spins are awarded, if four land, 15 are awarded, if five land, 20 are awarded.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds play a similar role to that of Wild symbols. They replace other symbols on the reels to help form winning combinations. One major difference between Sticky Wilds and ordinarily Wilds is that Sticky Wilds will stick to the reels and often be stationary for many spins. This can help lead to multiple winning combinations being formed. Slots that feature Sticky Wilds include Jammin’ Jars and Gonzo’s Quest to name a few.

Expanding Wilds

Like the other variations of Wild symbols, Expanding Wilds can help form winning combinations. What makes Expanding Wilds so unique is that they can grow in size, taking over other positions on the reels, increasing the likelihood of winning combinations being formed. Iron Bank is one of our best slots containing Expanding Wilds.

Jackpot Network

The Jackpot King Network is a large network of Jackpot slots across various casino sites, all of which have the same jackpot prize and can lead to a huge potential payout. A small amount of each stake placed in all Jackpot King games, across many different casino sites, will be added to this amount, which can be won by any Jackpot slot players! The Jackpot King feature can be triggered in many different ways, depending on the slot itself. One standard method for it to be activated is when many Jackpot King symbols appear on the reels, thus triggering the Jackpot King Bonus. Some of our most iconic Jackpot King slots include Eye of Horus Jackpot King, 7s Deluxe Jackpot King and Buffalo Rising Megaways Jackpot King.


Megaways isn't precisely a bonus feature per se. Instead, it is a type of slot game that is set up differently to regular online slots. In most Megaways slots, there will be six reels, but there won't be a set amount of rows. The rows will vary with between two and seven symbols able to appear on each spin. This can then lead to up to 117,649 different ways in which you can win! Some of our most famous Megaways slots include Western Gold Megaways and Piggy Riches Megaways. Check out our blog on the Megaways mechanic for more information!

Cluster Pays

Cluster Pays are one of the most common ways to achieve winning combinations when playing online slots. Cluster pay mechanics are relatively modern in online slots, as opposed to traditional left to right payouts. The way cluster pays work is payouts being made when identical symbols are grouped together on the same spin, whether that by vertically or horizontally. The bigger the cluster on the reels, the higher the payout will be. Two examples of slots with cluster pays include Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2.

Pick Me Bonus

A pick me bonus is similar to a wheel bonus. It requires interaction from the player to determine which actual bonus feature is awarded. The pick me bonuses can be triggered in several different ways, depending on the slot. However, the way they work is pretty much the same in each slot game, where all you simply have to do is choose one of the available bonus features on-screen. Some of our most iconic slots with a pick me bonus include Rainbow Riches, Genie Jackpots Cav of Wonders and Centurion.

Progessive Multipliers

Progressive multipliers are similar to regular multipliers, however, there is a notable difference. Progressive multipliers increase in value as the slot goes on. For example, every time there is a winning combination, the progressive multiplier will increase. This has the potential to lead to massive wins!

Online Slots

How To Trigger Bonus Features

As we've already touched on, the range of bonus features in our online slots at Legs Eleven is so versatile that no two are the same. This is typified through the fact all slot bonuses and features can be triggered in several different ways. A standard method of bonus features being triggered is several Scatter and/or bonus symbols landing on the reels simultaneously. This could trigger a bonus such as a Free Spins bonus, a bonus wheel or a pick me bonus. Another common way bonuses can be triggered is after a certain number of wins accumulate and a meter of some sort reaches a specific benchmark. This can then cause bonuses to be awarded. To find out about special game bonuses, look at the game information page or in-game help section.

How Can Bonuses Features Help You?

Bonus features can help you when playing online slots as there is a chance that they may result in winning combinations being formed. For example, Wild symbols replace other symbols on the reels to form the same symbol and almost certainly result in a win of some form. Free Spins mean you get to spin the reels for free (saving you money) and during Free Spins bonuses you're often more likely to land the biggest multipliers. How a bonus feature can help you varies on the slot and bonus feature itself. Still, they all have in common that they can change the gameplay of an online slot by adding something extra, which can lead to big wins and winning combinations being formed.

Online Slots Bonus Features FAQ

Where Can I Find Slot Bonuses and Features?

Each online slot game will explain the bonus features on the information page before you click on an actual slot game. Once you have got onto the slot itself, but still want more information on the bonuses and features, find the information or menu tab on-screen. This should give you in-depth information provided by the gaming provider about both the slot and the bonuses features that are available.

Can I test bonus features for free?

Yes. All online slots have a demo version for free, allowing you to try out the slot before playing, which gives you the chance to see the slot's bonus features.

Can you tell when a bonus round is coming?

No. All online slots contain a Random Number Generator (RNG) meaning that the reels are spun entirely at random. Hence, there is no forecasting if a bonus feature could be triggered.

Why should I be looking out for the bonus rounds?

Bonus rounds pay out more than regular winning combinations, which make them more appealing than average wins.

What bonus feature is the best?

This is entirely subjective as all bonus features are different and rewarding in their own way, so it's really down to personal preference.

Can I Win Real Money From Bonus Features?

Any winnings from bonus features are paid out in the same way as they would for a routine win. They will be added to your account balance which, after the game, can be withdrawn as cash.

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