Strictly Come Dancing Week 10

Strictly Come Dancing Week 10

Strictly Come Dancing Week 10!

Well we are now over halfway through the competition where no one can afford to make any mistakes! As we have seen in previous weeks, seemingly strong and well performing couples have departed the competition thanks to simply one poor performance. This week had an extra level of competitiveness added as it was the opportunity for the dancing duos to fight for their place in Blackpool next week and this competitive nature really made for an excellent weekend of dancing!

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Legs Eleven Strictly Come Dancing Week 10

What Did We Think?

This week we saw the return of Neil Jones from a knee injury which kept him sidelined for two weeks and it's safe to say it was great to see him back and in good health! This week we saw some fantastic themed dances with some of the dancing duos really having to get in character as they were not just dancers this week but performers also. With each couple conscious of the competitive nature, they were all eager to ensure their performances were perfect and book their space on the bus to Blackpool next week!

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The Performances

A summary of the week 10 performances:

Alex Scott and Neil Jones

Dance: The Jive.

Score: 31.

Once again we saw the iconic, ‘fantastic footwork from the former footballer’ as the couple marked Neil’s return to the show with a great performance. They had bright colourful outfits with a bright and colourful performance to match. Their timing was excellent and fully synchronized with high levels of energy on display, suiting both Alex and Neil’s personalities and dancing abilities to a tee. The judges recognised their strong performance with Bruno saying that Alex was “growing in confidence” and Craig informing Alex that they were “working it”. A very strong performance from a couple who are making excellent progress.

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones

Dance: Paso Doble.

Score: 25.

This was a very serious and sharp performance from Mike and Katya who swapped their usual bundles of joy and high levels of hyperactive energy for a more angry looking and passionate Paso Doble. They will have been desperate to put in a good performance and avoid the dance off for a fourth week in a row however this was not their best performance in recent weeks by far. Technically it was not a bad performance; however, it lacked flow and connection between movements which really broke the dance up and did not look great. The judges’ feedback was not particularly brilliant as a result of the poor performance with Craig saying the performance went “horribly wrong”, however Motsi did end on a positive note saying it was a “great Paso”.

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer

Dance: The Tango.

Score: 26.

Contrary to last week’s street commercial couple’s choice, Chris and Karen gave us a very serious performance with both dancers very much firmly in character throughout. This performance wasn’t Chris and Karen’s best dance and rather like Mike and Katya, being serious and sharp doesn’t suit their bubbly and likeable personalities. As a couple they have come a long way and this fiery performance looked great with live fire actually on the stage, helping it look that much more fierce. There was mixed feedback from the judges with Shirley describing it as a “very good effort”, however critical Craig said it was “technically a disaster”. The mixed feedback was reflected with a modest scoreline for this stage in the competition, however they will need to improve on this going forward.

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice

Dance: American Smooth.

Score: 36.

Once again Michelle and Giovanni showed their excellence in dancing with an American Smooth where Michelle was certainly a smooth American! The delivery and execution of this dance was of a very high quality with superb timing and footwork also. Michelle’s profession is clear as day in her dancing as her ability to not only dance but to also perform is excellent with every dance telling a story. This was reflected in the judges’ feedback with Craig referring to Michelle as the “mistress of detail” and that her “storytelling is flawless”. A very strong performance from this very strong couple as they progress in the competition going from strength to strength each week!

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke

Dance: Theatre Jazz- Couple’s Choice.

Score: 33.

With their top hats, this was certainly a top draw performance from the experienced couple with so much to offer! They were synchronized superbly with so much time and effort put into this routine and which certainly paid off and looked fantastic. Their outfits were on point with very few mistakes made and certainly a massive improvement on last week’s Rumba where they scored as low as 22. They took on board the judges’ feedback as this week they certainly included the flare and energy that lacked in last week’s performance. The judges were full of praise this week for Emma and Anton which fairly reflects how well they performed and will certainly give them confidence going forward!

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse

Dance: Salsa.

Score: 35.

Well this performance was certainly something special! To celebrate Kelvin’s success in racing, they performed a race car-themed Salsa with the props and outfits to go and pay tribute to a fantastic championship win. This was an incredibly energetic performance like how most Salsa’s should be, with some impressive moves including several great lifts and Kelvin’s iconic hip movements which certainly pleased the judges. “Totally enjoyable” was how head judge Shirley described the performance with Craig simply saying it was “hiptastic”. This was a truly strong performance from this very talented couple who will continue to go far in this competition!

Strictly Come Dancing Week 10

The Results!

The Results Show was kicked off by a beautiful Remembrance Day routine by the professional dancers. This rounded up an excellent weekend of dancing fantastically with a truly great tribute to those who gave their all for us here today.

The Final Two

The Final Two couples who received the lowest combination score from the judges’ vote and public vote were ** Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice** and Mike Bushell and Katya Jones*. The latter couple was not a massive shock as this was their fourth time in the dreaded dance off however the former will be incredibly surprised given the high score they received and how well they have been performing recently. You could feel the shock from the audience, judges and other dancers in the room when Michelle and Giovanni were told they would be in the dance off, however that is the cruel and shocking nature of the public vote!

Mike and Katya

In their pre-dance off brief, critical judge Craig said to Mike that he should forget all technique and just go for it and give this performance his all and he most definitely took that on board in an attempt to win over the judges. With high levels of passion and energy, it was an improvement on the night before, however it was not a brilliant dance in comparison to their counterparts. Mike and Katya are definitely more suited to energetic, cheery and happy numbers as opposed to more serious dances such as the Paso Doble.

Michelle and Giovanni.

Once again a very strong performance just like the night before where they scored so highly. It seems very bizarre that one of the strongest couples in the competition by far found themselves in this position however that is the harsh reality of the public vote. Luckily for Michelle and Giovanni, they reminded us as to why they are one of the strongest couples in the competition by putting on an excellent performance, demonstrating their talent and true dancing/performing ability.

The Dancing Duo Leaving the Competition Were…

Mike and Katya. As likeable as they are as a couple and they certainly have made massive improvements, this was coming unfortunately, after back-to-back dance offs where they have flirted with the exit so often. Having said that, they have been an absolute joy to watch and have made for an enjoyable series thus far, however they will not be on the bus to Blackpool next week!

That's it For Now!

That's all from us for week 10, folks. Please make sure you check out our weekly blogs for all you need to know about Strictly Come Dancing 2019!

Strictly Come Dancing Week 10