Strictly Come Dancing Week 14

Strictly Come Dancing Week 14

Strictly Come Dancing- Week 14: Semi-Final!

Week 14 of Strictly Come Dancing was the semi-final, meaning the dancing duos had to step it up even further than previous weeks to ensure they booked their place in the final. In order to get a proper assessment of their dancing ability before sending them to the final next week, all duos had to perform TWICE; two completely different dances in order to give the judges and voting public a chance to properly assess them. Their scores would be added up and then combined with the public vote to form a total score which determined their fate…

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Legs Eleven Strictly Come Dancing Week 14

What Did We Think?

As expected at this stage in the competition, the semi-final was a fantastic night of dancing as those who were left have real dancing ability and demonstrate such talent in their performances. Host Claudia Winkleman said at the start of the show that there was “no time for napping” and she was most definitely right. Any mistakes in performances would’ve been costly and unfortunately, the couple who left the competition did have a poor night by their standards which saw their Strictly journey end just one week before the final. Who was it? Find out below…

Legs Eleven Strictly Come Dancing Week 14

The Performances:

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke: First Dance.

Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha.

Score: 31.

This glitterball-themed Cha-Cha-Cha was definitely an eye-catching performance as there was an actual glitterball on stage with both Emma and Anton having sparkling outfits on. It was a very upbeat and energetic performance which did feel a little slow at times but there was constantly a positive, feel-good vibe as Emma had her usual smile on show, indicating that she really did enjoy that performance. Technically it was a very strong dance with some very good turns and some excellent footwork also. They received mainly positive feedback from the judges apart from critical Craig, who said it “lacked hip action”. However, Bruno referred to it as a “strong performance” and Motsi described the dance as “absolutely amazing”.

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse: First Dance.

Dance: Quickstep.

Score: 40.

This performance contained some great outfits and had a fantastic use of props at the beginning of the dance which was very in-sync and involved some very technical strong footwork and moves. The bond between Kelvin and Oti is clearly key to their success thus far in the competition and really does help the dancing look great as we have seen all series. This performance resulted in three out of four judges on their feet (no prizes for guessing who was sat down!) with Shirley referring to the performance as a “sparkling delight”. The shock of the evening was not-so-critical Craig saying that he was upset because he “couldn’t find anything wrong with it” which is as good as it gets from the renowned critic. He even went on to shock everyone as he gave a 10 with the couple registering a perfect dance with a score of 40.

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer: First Dance.

Dance: Viennese Waltz.

Score: 26.

As per usual, Chris was able to get into character very well for this Viennese Waltz which did help the performance look great. On a technical scale it was good, however there was nothing overly special with it which you need at this stage to progress. Chris has improved massively over the last few weeks and he and Karen have put in some great performances with Chris clearly enjoying himself. Whilst he also enjoyed this dance (it seemed), this was not one of their great performances. Motsi complimented Chris’ attitude saying that his “eyes sparkle when you dance”, however Shirley said there were “too many mistakes” and Bruno referred to Chris’ footwork as being “off the rails”. It wasn’t a terrible performance but was well below par for the semi-final of the competition.

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke: Second Dance.

Dance: The Waltz.

Score: 36.

Combined Score: 67.

Their first dance was very good, their second dance was phenomenal! This was a very slow Waltz as expected as it is quite a serious dance, contrasting their smiley and upbeat Cha-Cha-Cha earlier in the night. There was a good matching colour scheme on display, from the outfits to the lighting which, alongside a technically strong dance, made for an excellent performance. The footwork was superb, the movement was brilliant and they both held an immense posture. Head judge Shirley said that this performance gave a “gorgeous feeling” with Bruno saying it had a “hypnotic beauty” as they received an excellent combined score for two excellent performances.

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse: Second Dance.

Dance: Pasa Doble. Score: 37.

Combined Score: 77.

Once again we saw another fantastic performance from a duo who looked like they were on their way to the final in style! This was a very passionate Pasa Doble with a fierce feel to it, rather contrasting to their cheery Quickstep previously. They both moved fantastically in this performance with the choreography absolutely spot on and every move was delivered and executed perfectly. It was not as good as the first performance, as they were so passionate when moving that once or twice the footing may have been lost, but all in all it was still a great performance. The judges were openly more critical of this dance with Craig saying that their balance was “disappointing” however Shirley said that “it was a great performance”. Despite the criticism of this performance, they still received a high score, which combined with the perfect 40 put them into an exceptional position looking towards the final.

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer: Second Dance.

Dance: The Rumba.

Score: 28.

Combined Score: 54.

Once again Chris had to get into character for this performance which helped the audience feel the mood that they were trying to portray. This was another serious dance which involved slow movements. Whilst they can sometimes look great, they don’t suit Chris’ friendly and bubbly personality, nor do they get the best from him which has been clear in previous weeks in the judges’ scores. Once again this performance didn’t contain any real wow factor to catch the eye of the judges, however it was still a good performance with good moves. Critical Craig was straight up and said it was the “wrong dance, wrong day” which was as harsh as it sounds to hear in the semi-final. Bruno simply said it “technically wasn’t perfect” which was fair as in terms of technicality it was definitely a poor performance.

Legs Eleven Strictly Come Dancing Week 14

The Couple Leaving The Competition Were…

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer

This was definitely a fair outcome given the night’s performances for this duo in comparison to their counterparts, however they can most certainly hold their heads high for how far they have come. The improvement Chris has made since the first live performance has been incredible and is certainly one of the highlights of this series, as it was constantly recognised and complimented by the judges. They have certainly done very well to get to this stage and have left us with some amazing performances, but they will not make the final cut!

Thanks For Reading!

That concludes Week 14 of Strictly Come Dancing 2019! Please make sure you check out Legs Eleven next week for the Final!

Legs Eleven Strictly Come Dancing Week 14