Strictly Come Dancing Week 3

Strictly Come Dancing Blog Week 3

Strictly Come Dancing - Week 3

Well folks, they’re here! The live performances started this week and it was most definitely worth the wait. The charisma, colour and choreography all throughout the show made for a fascinating watch with some amazing performances from both the celebrities and professionals alike. If you missed this week’s episode then Legs Eleven online slots UK site has you covered with this review of all of the performances. For information on the celebrities, please see our Week 1 Blog and for information on the dancers, please see our Week 2 Blog.

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Legs Eleven Strictly Come Dancing Week 3

What did we think?

The precedent was set by a fiery and energetic opening performance with an orange/firelike colour scheme to match. Even the judges made a theatrical entrance before taking their seats and resorting to their usual ‘‘firm but fair’ critiquing mentality of the performances. Whilst there was no public vote this week, the judges still scored each performance which will be carried on to next week where there will be a public vote on who progresses and who leaves the competition. If you fancy trying out some dance moves yourself, please see our blog on Charleston Dancing for our favourite dance moves. Please dance responsibly!

Strictly Come Dancing Week 3

The Performances

Here are our reviews of this week’s live performances:

Alex Scott and Neil Jones

Dance: Quickstep. Score: 21. With an impressive first performance to kick start the show, Alex Scott and her partner Neil Jones received a relatively modest score. The former Arsenal and England footballer swapped her boots and shin pads for a bright blue dress and, in goal scoring fashion, she truly put in a woman of the match performance. Performing the quickstep, their routine was described as “snap, crack and pop” with one of the judges even referring to her potential as “dangerous”. There were mixed reviews from the judges but overall they gave positive feedback and made clear that it was a very good debut dance by the former footy star!

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer

Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha. Score: 13. A disappointing first performance for the Geordie comedian, however he did admittedly describe it as a “horrible” experience, albeit in comedic fashion it seemed. Renowned harsh judge Bruno Tonioli openly described the performance as having a “total lack of timing and rhythm”, which may have come as a disappointment to Chris and Karen, however it provides them with plenty to work on for next week's show!

Catherine Tyldesley and Johannes Radebe

Dance: Viennese Waltz. Score: 20. Whilst a rather repetitive performance, Catherine and Johannes provided us with an aesthetically pleasing dance with excellent matching outfits and very good choreography in place, which had clearly been worked hard on. There was a clear passion from both the celebrity and the professional alike with Catherine’s effort and Johannes’ talent as clear as day. They received positive feedback saying it was a strong debut performance and that there is definitely strong potential for this partnership to do great things!

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones.

Dance: The Jive. Score: 22. Well this dance will be hard to put into words as there isn’t an appropriate adjective to describe the true levels of energy on display, particularly from Mike. The BBC presenter who we are so used to seeing being so calm and collected was bouncing up and down and really giving this performance his all. The time and effort from both him and Katya was on view for all to see, with fantastic choreography and dazzling outfits making this a truly enjoyable performance to watch.

Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec

Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha. Score: 19. This was an interesting performance with the use of props taking centre stage, particularly with the croquet set. Despite this, the actual dancing contained some elegance and grace which allowed for the performance to be a very pleasant watch. Both Emma and Aljaz clearly worked hard and have formed a bond already which, with further development, will hopefully lead to even better performances!

James Cracknell and Luba Mushtuk

Dance: Tango. Score: 11. This was a rather disappointing performance which James and Luba will most likely look back on to make big improvements for next week. James had a James Bond-esque feel about his performance and his look however the former rower could not wow the judges in true 007 style as they did not hold back on the criticism. They ended on a positive saying his sporting and athletic ability should be transformed into dancing technicality and if he does that, his and Luba’s performance will definitely improve!

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse

Dance: Samba. Score: 32. By far the best performance of the night! A standing ovation from the entire audience and three out of four judges speaks for itself. Kelvin and Oti truly stole the show with their rendition of the Samba. The performance was incredibly energetic and with bright colours flying everywhere, it truly was an incredibly synchronized and well coordinated effort. Bruno Toniolli, who is known for his occasional harsh words, described it as “the best samba he’s seen on a debut show” which for a critic like him to say is truly fantastic. Kelvin and Oti received the highest score in the first show in five years; a truly well deserved statistic.

David James and Nadiya Bychkova

Dance: Foxtrot. Score: 17. Whilst professionally appropriate to David James, ‘Football’s Coming Home’, did seem a peculiar choice of song for the Foxtrot dance. Despite this, it was a relatively strong performance with very good use of props to help with the dance and David James’ footballing energy was definitely transferred to dancing. Both him and Nadiya had clearly rehearsed this dance numerous times and it was clear as day they both felt like they could have done better when receiving feedback from the judges. Hopefully they will apply their feedback appropriately and next week’s performance will be even better!

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice

Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha. Score: 30. Although they only got paired together recently, the charisma and bond between Michelle and Giovanni is that of a duo who have been together for years. The two performed exceptionally well together and truly to each other’s strengths, making this an excellent performance which was recognised by the judges, who all gave immensely positive feedback. They scored very highly and we can only assume that their performances are going to get even better, as they are most definitely one of the most talented partnerships in this series.

Dev Griffin and Dianne Buswell

Dance: Foxtrot. Score: 30. This performance was by far the greatest use of props and equipment throughout the show with the use of radio/microphone by Dev Griffin introducing both himself and Dianne. The Radio DJ truly caught everyone’s attention from the off and the performance to follow most definitely was simple yet sweet and very effective. It was described by one of the judges as “the best ballroom footwork all evening” which, given the high standard of performance this week, truly is a massive compliment to take going forward.

Anneka Rice and Kevin Clifton

Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha. Score: 14. This was certainly a bizarre yet entertaining performance with a unique theme that involved vocals and a heavy reliance on props at the start of the performance. It became clear Anneka was a debut dancer however that did not damper her passion or clear enjoyment through the performance. Last year’s winner Kevin Clifton was clearly very energetic and has high extreme talent which Anneka may have found initially difficult to keep up with. Despite this, they remained upbeat throughout the performance, so are certainly optimistic going through to next week.

Will Bayley and Jannette Manrara

Dance: Quickstep. Score: 26. This performance certainly stood out amongst the rest, quite unusually, for its use of the space available and making the most of what they had in front of them. Will and Jannette certainly worked hard to perfect this performance, which deserved the high score it received. Will certainly had so much energy to help him as a rookie dancer and the paralympian pulled it off with a magnificent performance, which truly stole the hearts of the audience, the judges and their fellow competitors.

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke

Dance: The Jive. Score: 23. Emma and Anton performed well but they both know they could have performed better, especially someone of Anton’s ability and experience. As a performance there was an exceptional use of props and the dancing was very energetic, which does make for good future potential, but the general consensus was that this performance could have been better. It still received a respectable score with mixed views from the judges and hopefully the feedback will be taken onboard and add to the clear potential and talent of this partnership.

Goodbye for now!

So that concludes our round up of the live performances for week 3 of Strictly Come Dancing 2019! Make sure you check out Legs Eleven for weekly updates of the live performances with next show being the start of the public vote meaning you can vote for your favourite dancers! Thanks for reading and please dance responsibly!

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 3