Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

Strictly Come Dancing Blog Week 4

Strictly Come Dancing - Week 4

Well what a week! Following the start of the live performances last week, this was the first where one dance couple would be voted out of the competition and as head judge Shirley Ballas said, “The competition begins now”. As such, since one of the couples unfortunately have had to leave, it means the dancers had to really up their game in order to impress the judges and more importantly impress the public to earn their votes. We here at Legs Eleven online slots UK were blown away by this week’s performances and we hope you were as well! To catch up on previous weeks, please see our blogs for Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 respectively.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

What did we think?

Whilst last week’s performances were excellent, this week had that extra level of competitive nature as the dancing couples had to add to their scores from last week, plus convince the public to vote for them to stay in the competition. The pressure was on but they dealt with it well with some outstanding performances from both the celebrities and professionals alike but unfortunately one couple was voted out. Want to know who? In this blog we’ll review this week’s performances including scores and feedback from the judges. If you want to try out dancing for yourself, you may want to look at our blog on Charleston Dancing which is our favourite dance when having a boogie. Please dance responsibly!

Legs Eleven Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

The Performances

Here are our reviews of this week’s live performances:

Anneka Rice and Kevin Clifton

Dance: The Waltz. Score: 33 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 19.

This week’s Waltz was certainly very different to last week’s flamboyant Cha-Cha-Cha with Anneka and Kevin putting in a performance that wouldn’t look out of place in a romantic film. Passionate, well choreographed and clearly well practiced, Anneka and Kevin put in a very good performance; however the judges did have some constructive criticism going forward. Despite this they ended the feedback by complimenting Anneka’s “great footwork” with the television presenter responding by saying “I didn't dance it, my heart did” which certainly captured the hearts of both the judges and the audience alike. A solid performance with certainly room for improvement going forward!

Dev Griffin and Dianne Buswell

Dance: The Jive. Score: 57 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 27.

Dev and Dianne once again put in a very strong performance which has deservedly got them high up the leaderboard and in a solid position going into next week. Their use of props was once again fantastic with the dance itself executed to near enough perfection. There were extremely high levels of synchronized energy and with a bright colour scheme on display, it really was an uplifting and aesthetically pleasing performance. The judges recognised this also by granting them a high score however they did offer some constructive feedback which if applied will only make their performances even stronger!

Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec

Dance: The Tango. Score: 41 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 22.

With quite an unusual use of technical and graphical props, Emma and Aljaz put in a respectable performance earning them a good score for next week. It was quite a fierce performance with sharp aggression meaning there was little room for smiling or any emotion for that matter, something which was highlighted as being “out of character” for Emma, by the judges. There is a lot of pressure with ‘The Tango’ which requires a combination of charisma and character with the energy to match which Emma and Aljaz certainly had however they could have performed stronger.

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer

Dance: The Charleston. Score: 39 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 26.

Well this was certainly an improved performance on last week as Chris and Karen earned DOUBLE the points they earned last time around with this week’s ‘Charleston Dance’. With bright colours, good use of props and very upbeat music, this was an incredibly enjoyable performance to watch. Chris was breathing very heavily when receiving feedback in an attempt to catch his breath, which is always a strong indicator that he really did give that performance his all! The judges were very pleased with this improvement describing the transition from last week’s “ordinary” performance to this week being “extraordinary” and hopefully next week will be even better!

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke

Dance: Foxtrot. Score: 47 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 24.

This was a solid dance which scored well and certainly impressed the judges however there was a slight feeling that despite how good it was, it could be even better given Anton’s experience. There is a very strong bond between both Emma and Anton which is clear as day and has led to the strength in their performances thus far. This week was a stronger week than last week for the pair as Anton was described by the judges and others as “The King of Ballroom” and this performance certainly played to his strengths. Some mixed feedback was given, with Motsi referring to Emma as a “Dancing Queen” however there was also some constructive criticism which can only be used to add to their strengths and ensure that they perform even better next week!

James Cracknell and Luba Mushtuk

Dance: The Jive. Score: 24 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 13.

Another disappointing week for James and Luba with another relatively low score from the judges. They relied heavily on the use of props and for a lot of the performance there was almost a wooden look from the former rower where he lacked the natural flow of successful dancers on the show. Whilst the music and clothing combination was good, the overall performance was poor once again and the judges were not afraid to make this clear. They described James as having a “great personality but struggled with the content”. Overall it was a disappointing performance from James and Luba who know they could have done better.

Catherine Tydlesley and Johannes Radebe

Dance: The Samba. Score: 39 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 19.

Catherine and Johannes once again showed why they are becoming a very likeable dancing partnership with another energetic performance where they bounced off each other and utilised each other’s strengths to the max! It was a very fiery performance where they both interacted with the crowd well and generated a fantastic atmosphere for all to enjoy. The judges did not seem to share the same enthusiasm as the crowd and the duo and gave relatively harsh marks which could be seen as slightly unfair given the strong levels of energy and clear choreography in place. Nevertheless, it was a thoroughly entertaining performance and we hope to see more of them!

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice

Dance: Viennese Waltz. Score: 62 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 32.

Once again Michelle and Giovanni put on an amazing performance that everyone enjoyed. With a well known Venician theme and ‘That’s Amore’ as music, it was an incredibly pleasing performance that went more or less without fault. The costumes, props and music were all fantastic with the dance itself clearly practiced to perfection with 100% effort put in. Even Bruno and Craig, two of the harshest judges were full of praise with Bruno saying “the dance was a story” and Craig referring to it as “absolutely incredible”. To receive feedback like this truly speaks for itself and demonstrates why Michelle and Giovanni are going to go far in this competition!

David James and Nadiya Bychkova

Dance: Paso Doble. Score: 27 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 10.

A truly disappointing performance to say the least. The long cape on David James was a massive distraction which held back the performance massively. It lacked energy that other performances had and there was next to no flow in the dance. Whilst it was not short of effort nor practice, it overall was a poor performance which the judges certainly did not hold back in critiquing. Craig referred to the dance as “limp, lame and lacklustre” with David responding saying he “fell in love [with the dance] but love hurts”. Hopefully if they maintain their hard work the performances will improve!

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones

Dance: The American Smooth. Score: 36 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 14.

This performance included an immense use of props from the start and combined with uplifting music and bright colourful outfits, it was certainly an enjoyable performance to watch. Unfortunately that was where the majority of the positives ended. It was an incredibly energetic performance with interesting use of dialogue however it may have been slightly too energetic to the point where it lacked rhythm and with a slightly slower ending, it felt almost anticlimactic in contrast to the wild start. There was a lot of passion and clear effort on display however it did not wash with the judges who gave it a low score with Bruno even describing it as “odd”. A disappointing performance, however plenty of room for improvement.

Alex Scott and Neil Jones

Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha. Score: 43 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 22.

Once again Alex and Neil gave us a very modest performance, it didn’t blow us away but certainly didn’t disappoint. They both did very well to maintain a high level of intensity throughout the dance without breaking character. There is clear natural ability there from the former footballer however slightly more needs to be done to truly impress the judges and the audience alike. The judges gave mixed feedback as expected and if used to their advantage will hopefully lead to better performances in future for the duo.

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse

Dance: The Waltz. Score: 60 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 28.

Another fantastic performance by this talented duo who undoubtedly are going to go far in this competition! With immense choreography and extremely high quality dance moves, this near perfect performance was truly outstanding. Whilst due to the nature of the Waltz in comparison to the Samba, this dance seemed to lack the same energy that there was last week, however the quality and passion was just as present nonetheless. They have set a very high bar for themselves and hopefully with consideration to the judges’ feedback we will see even higher quality performances from this amazing duo.

Will Bayley and Janette Manrara

Dance: The Salsa. Score: 50 (Over 2 Weeks). This Week’s Score: 24.

An interesting use of props relative to Will’s profession and a thoroughly synchronized dance routine made this a very satisfying performance which clearly impressed both the audience and more importantly the judges too! A fantastic colour scheme and well choreographed performance led to a standing ovation which speaks for itself. They received very positive feedback with head judge Shirley Ballas even telling Will that “you are what Strictly is all about”. Truly the ultimate compliment to receive and will undoubtedly give both Will and Janette great confidence going forward.

How the Vote Works

For those of you who may be unaware as to how the voting on Strictly Come Dancing works, we thought we’d briefly explain…

Each couple gains a point score which is made up of the judges’ scores and public vote, split 50/50. This would normally be a weekly score but since there was no public vote last week, this week’s judges’ score consists of a combination of both last week and this week. From next week onwards it will be done on a weekly basis. The two couples with the lowest point score (made up of the judges’ score and public vote) will compete with each other in a dance-off and then it will be down to the judges to decide who they believe deserves to stay in the competition. In the case of a tie vote in the judges’ decision, it will be down to Head Judge Shirley Ballas to make the final decision.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

The Results!

Before finding out the results of this week’s performances and which couple will be the first to leave, we were gifted with the very talented Lewis Capaldi doing a live performance on Sunday night. The young Scotsman sang ‘Someone You Loved’ with professional dancers Aljaž Škorjanec and Janette Manara dancing alongside. This was a thoroughly enjoyable performance however it couldn’t take away the nerves from the dancing duos who were waiting upon their fate....

The Final Two

Following the point score made up of the judges’ scores from this week and last, plus the public vote, the lowest scoring couples were James Cracknell and Luba Mushtuk and David James and Nadiya Bychkova. Both couples performed their dances from the night previously, taking into consideration the feedback from the judges.

James and Luba

Whilst the passion and effort was still there, the performance itself had not improved much if at all which was disappointing to see. There was still a wooden feel from the former rower who certainly doesn’t lack passion and commitment however there certainly was a deficit in his dancing ability.

David and Nadiya

There was a slight improvement on their previous performance with the removal of David’s cape which seemed to cause more problems than positives. There was definitely a higher level of energy on show than we had seen previously and this was acknowledged by the judges who agreed that there were notable improvements made.

The Dancing Duo who are leaving us are…

James Cracknell and Luba Mushtuk. Unfortunately their passion and potential energy was not enough to save them from leaving the competition. Lovely characters and certainly energetic potential however as a partnership they did not have the dancing ability for Strictly Come Dancing.


Thats it from us and our weekly blog of week 4 of Strictly Come Dancing. Be sure to Check out Legs Eleven for weekly updates of the live performances!

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 4