Strictly Come Dancing Week 5

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Strictly Come Dancing- Week 5

What a fantastic week! Once again, the performances from the dancing duos were out of this world and this week we were treated to ‘Movie Night’ meaning all the performances had to have the theme of a film of their choosing in their dance. As another couple would be leaving the competition, there was even more competitiveness from the dancing duos which certainly made for an excellent show! At Legs Eleven online slots UK, we love creativity and spontaneity and movie night on Strictly Come Dancing certainly provides that. If you need to catch up on anything Strictly, please see our previous blogs:

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 5

What did we think?

Once again the dancing duos were very conscious of not only the judges’ scores but the public vote also, as it is ultimately the public vote which determines their fate in the competition and this certainly led to some excellent performances. Movie night was introduced by an excellent group performance by the professional dancers with there being very much a ‘Pixar’ theme present. ‘The Incredibles’, ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Up’ were the films of choice from the professional dancers with an array of props used superbly as well as excellent use of technical on-screen graphics. This dance contained a lot of bright colours, cheery music and fantastic choreography and it’s safe to say this set the scene for the rest of the show! In this blog piece we’ll take you through the performances and will reveal the unlucky duo who left the competition this week. If like many of us, Strictly Come Dancing is making you want to get your groove on, then feel free to read our blog on our favourite dance; Charleston Dancing which was indeed performed live both last week and this week! Please dance responsibly.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 5

The Performances

Here is our round up of this week’s live performances:

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice

Dance: Quickstep. Movie: Cabaret. Score: 35.

There was a very vocal introduction to the performance from Giovanni as he welcomed Michelle onto the stage and from there onwards it was a truly electrifying performance. Together they owned the stage and once again demonstrated to the judges, the audience and most importantly the public why they are looking very strong competition. Their dancing was complimented by great music from the orchestra which really made the whole performance so enjoyable to watch. This was noted from the judges who gave a very high score including the first ‘9’ scores of the competition, from 3 of the judges. A truly deserved score for a truly great performance!

Alex Scott and Neil Jones

Dance: Rumba. Movie: Moana. Score: 23.

This performance had a rather slow start however it was certainly as powerful as expected with the Rumba which contained a lot of emotion and passion from the former footballer and her dance partner. It was a very well synchronized effort, with strong music complementing the performance well, whilst the bond and hard work from the two is clearly paying off. The judges clearly recognised their efforts, however, did provide some constructive criticism going forward for them to work on.

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer

Dance: American Smooth. Movie: Top Hat. Score: 22.

This performance had a fantastic setting with stunning matching outfits which had our attention before the dance even begun! There were not the same levels of energy as last week’s performance, however, going from The Charleston to American Smooth was always going to be an anti-climax in terms of energy. Despite this, it was still a very good effort which looked fantastic. The Geordie comedian has come a long way since his first performance which was indeed noticed by the judges in their feedback. Craig Horwood was his usual critiquing self who was very critical of the performance and whilst the other judges weren’t as harsh, their comments were certainly more negative. Despite this they still provided some positive feedback with plenty to work on going forward with Bruno Tonioli even describing the dance as a “fitting tribute to the number”.

Catherine Tyldesley and Johannes Radebe

Dance: Rumba. Movie: A Star is Born. Score: 32.

There was an interesting use of props to begin the dance however the full performance was full of passion and real demonstration of the talent of these two. It felt like quite a short dance, but it was certainly quality over quantity, as it put together fabulousness with amazing footwork with the bond of the two as clear as day. They received excellent feedback from the judges with head judge Shirley Ballas saying the performance “overwhelmed” her and she was even brought to tears. Once again another very strong performance from this pair who will most certainly progress through the competition.

Will Bayley and Jenette Manrara

Dance: Paso Doble. Movie: Pokemon. Score: 23.

Once again this dancing duo performed very well and produced an enjoyable dance for everyone to be dazzled by. There was a great combo of vocals, props and on-screen graphics which certainly made for an aesthetically pleasing performance. Despite this, it wasn’t their strongest performance as they scored lower than previous weeks which may have disappointed the duo. Unsurprisingly they received mixed feedback from the judges, which if considered and applied to their performances, will no doubt get them back on track!

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse

Dance: The Charleston. Movie: Mary Poppins. Score: 38.

A truly fascinating performance which deservedly received the highest score of the series so far! It was an incredibly uplifting performance and whilst The Charleston usually is a very uplifting number, this duo absolutely smashed it with their Mary Poppins theme. The pair demonstrated a very talented and natural dancing ability, as even Kelvin’s performance would not have stood out as a professional. The judges’ feedback truly reflected the performance with Craig referring to it as “fabulous”, and Oti’s sister Moti on the panel telling the couple “you got it” in reference to dancing ability. The best compliment from the judges had to be Bruno’s who said the performance was “as good as anything I've seen in the West End or Broadway”. Some amazing feedback for the couple who received two ‘10’ scores from the judges, the first of the competition.

Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec

Dance: Foxtrot. Movie: Downton Abbey. Score: 28.

In this performance there was a heavy but advantageous use of props by the dancing partners who produced a passionate dance for us all to enjoy. There was immense character appropriate for the theme of Downton Abbey with fantastic costumes and dance fit to match. It was a rather slow ending however the overall dance was brilliant with amazing footwork and timing from Emma and Aljaz who truly showed their strength. They received positive feedback from the judges however also some constructive comments to take on board going forward.

Anneka Rice and Kevin Clifton

Dance: The Charleston. Movie: Kill Bill. Score: 11.

This was a lively dance with a good use of props however lacked natural flow and any real quality that successful dances had. The performance lacked enthusiasm and almost looked wooden at times with very little positives to take from this dance with head judge Shirley Ballas referring to the dance as “frantic”. The criticism did not stop there unfortunately as Craig made a joke about how the theme of ‘Kill Bill’ (the movie) transformed into “Slaughter The Charleston”. A very harsh critique of the performance which last year’s winner will certainly be disappointed with.

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones

Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha. Movie: Magic Mike. Score: 18.

It was an interesting and very interactive introduction to the dance which contained the same passion and energy as always from both Mike and Katya alike. The outfits were great and overall the dance wasn’t bad, however it could have been a lot better as Mike’s timing was off slightly, despite how fun and enjoyable his performance was. The dance was unfortunately overshadowed by Katya Jones losing her footing and Mike failing to catch her which, unlike her feet landing, could not be missed. The judges, however, were not too critical and still gave a respectable score of 18, but the couple will know they could do better.

David James and Nadiya Bychkova

Dance: American Smooth. Movie: Batman. Score: 16.

It was a great introduction with the Batman theme with David James playing a good character of the superhero and, whilst small improvements are being made, that was roughly where the positives ended unfortunately. Despite his best efforts, the former goalkeeper still does not look entirely comfortable and has had rather stiff performances that have lacked flow and haven’t looked natural at all. Bruno gave a fair comment that the couple are “moving slowly in the right direction” however they will need to make serious improvements if they are to succeed.

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke

Dance: The Salsa. Movie: Austin Powers. Score: 27.

This was a very energetic performance which as always was full of charisma and just very enjoyable vibes. Working well to both their strengths, particularly Anton’s experience, this duo have formed an excellent bond and are consistently producing great performances which both the audience and judges alike are enjoying. The judges had mixed feedback to give but on the whole it was positive, with some small things to apply to their dances, they really can utilise their potential and achieve great things in this competition.

Dev Griffin and Dianne Buswell

Dance: Street Commercial. Movie: Aladdin. Score: 36.

The stage setting caught the eye immediately and set the tone for what was a fantastic performance. It was incredibly well choreographed and had clearly been practiced a lot as the delivery was excellent. They received a standing ovation from the audience and all the judges except Craig, which truly speaks volumes as to how strong of a performance it was. The judges were full of praise for the performers with Motsi saying it was “one of those dances we will remember forever”. They received the second highest score of the night and have once again shown the judges and the public that they mean business in this competition!

Strictly Come Dancing Week 5

The Results!

The Results Show, in regular fashion, was introduced by another fantastic movie themed group performance from the professional dancers, featuring a whole host of classic films that we all know and love from a variety of time periods and movie genres. This included Rocky Balboa, The Sound of Music and The Greatest Showman to name a few; a fantastic way to round up Movie Week which once again proved to be entertainment at its finest.

The Final Two

Following the combined points score from the judges and the public vote, the lowest scoring couples were Anneka Rice and Kevin Clifton and David James and Nadiya Bychkova. The two dancing duos had to reenact their dances from the night previously to try and convince the judges to keep them in the competition.

Anneka and Kevin

Once again this was another very disappointing performance from the former TV presenter and last year’s winner. They had little to no improvement on their previous dance the night before with no natural flow from Anneka leading to a very much wooden performance. Anneka’s slow dance moves did not mix well at all with Kevin’s high level of energy and professional ability which ultimately led to a poor pairing and poor performances.

David and Nadiya

Whilst as a couple they would be disappointed to be in the final two, once again like last week they took onboard the judges’ feedback well and made noticeable improvements, which were certainly recognised and acknowledged by the judges. This was clearly beneficial, as both times they have received feedback and needed to apply it, they have. However, they should apply it to their original dances, not just their last ditch dances to keep them in the competition.

The Dancing Duo who are leaving us are…

Anneka Rice and Kevin Clifton. Whilst they were not short of combined effort and passion for the competition and they certainly had the right attitude, they did unfortunately lack the combined talent needed to do well in this competition. They’ll be remembered for lively and well choreographed performances but unfortunately last year’s winner won't retain the winning trophy.

Goodbye for now!

That concludes our weekly blog for week 5 of Strictly Come Dancing 2019! Be sure to check Legs Eleven for weekly updates of the live performances!

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 5