Strictly Come Dancing Week 7

Strictly Come Dancing Blog Week 7

Strictly Come Dancing- Week 7

Just like every week, the performances were spectacular and provided us with a great show! A common theme we have noticed is that the standard of performance does indeed increase as each week passes with the contestants fighting to keep their place in the competition. This high level of competition and excellent dancing is exactly what we like to see here at Legs Eleven online Slots UK, and with more experience and more training/rehearsing time, we really are seeing a massive improvement from our dancing duos.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 7

What did we think?

In week 6 we saw some exceptionally strong performances, however there was a very surprising exit by Dev and Dianne which shocked everyone. As a result of this, it became clear to all the dancing duos that no one was safe or too good to leave the competition! With that in mind, all of this week’s performances were clearly well-rehearsed and despite not all performances being of the same standard, no couple could be faulted for lack of effort which certainly made for a fantastic evening of dancing. This week there was a guest judge with ‘Alfonso Riberio’ stepping in for Bruno Tonioli. Alfonso was the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ winner and guest judge.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 7

The Performances

This week’s round of the live performances:

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse

Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha.

Score: 33.

Wow! Once again, what a fantastic performance from this dancing duo who scream talent and ability every time they take to the dancefloor. Following last week’s exceptional Rumba, they really had to repeat that performance with the Cha-Cha-Cha this week, and they didn’t disappoint. Although their score for this week was slightly lower than last week’s, they still performed excellently. It was a very bright and colourful performance with a great music/outfit/settings combination and the dancing to match it. The choreography was fantastic as Kelvin once again shows clear and natural dancing talent for a non-dancer. Their feedback from the judges was pretty strong with Alfonso saying that they “killed it” however they did receive some more constructive feedback from head judge Shirley pointing out areas where they could be slightly better. Overall it was a solid performance which undoubtedly will take them forward in the competition with confidence.

David James and Nadiya Bychkova

Dance: The Jive.

Score: 16.

This dance had an interesting start to it with the assistance of a physical screen on the dancefloor itself, but unfortunately, this was probably the highlight of the dance. Whilst some ambitious moves were pulled off well, it was a poor performance from David and Nadiya following last week’s amazing save from the former England Goalkeeper. David’s movements were still rather slow and didn’t look natural at all as the noticeable mistakes that were made throughout the dance were picked up on by the judges. Craig went back to his usual critical self with quite negative feedback. A poor performance overall which at this stage in the competition may cost them dearly.

Catherine Tyldseley and Johannes Radebe

Dance: The Tango.

Score: 28.

With a great use of props at the start of the dance, this was another solid performance from this talented duo. While not their strongest performance, it certainly was a very strong dance which scored well, plus gave them areas to improve on. Catherine and Johannes certainly have one of the strongest bonds in the competition, and this certainly shows in their performances. The dancing featured great movement with a good change of direction when moving; a technical skill that comes with a lot of effort and practice which has clearly been demonstrated by this duo. They received mixed feedback with a fair bit of constructive criticism including Motsi saying she wanted them to give her “more variety” in their dancing. Overall it was a solid dance that they should be pleased with however still plenty to be doing going forward to improve.

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice

Dance: The Rumba.

Score: 29.

This was a rather slow, however powerful and passionate performance from Michelle and Giovanni with some excellent choreography on show. They both have a very strong stage presence, almost owning the place whenever they take to the dancefloor, and this confidence just oozes from their performances. It was a slight change of pace to their previous dances but it was truly a fantastic showing by the dancing duo. It received slightly mixed feedback with Shirley describing it as “elegant” however critical Craig said “it needs continuous movement”, but he did also mention that it had “explosive storytelling”.

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke

Dance: Paso Doble.

Score: 26.

Another good performance which did receive some slightly negative feedback, rather contrary to the standing ovation they received from the audience. The performance overall wasn’t as strong as last week’s incredible Viennese Waltz, however it was still a solid dance with a lot of effort put into it. Both Emma and Anton performed well with sharp movement and a great sense of character which suited the Paso. One area they could have improved on was their passion which would have helped the performance be even better and possibly assist them in getting a higher score. This was noted by Alfonso when giving his feedback. Craig gave some incredibly harsh feedback, referring to Emma as looking like a “bag of potatoes” when she moved on the dancefloor, a possibly even hurtful comment which Motsi openly called out and disagreed with. Despite some harsh feedback, they received a good and respectable score which they should be pleased with.

Alex Scott and Neil Jones

Dance: The Charleston.

Score: 33.

Instantly this looked like a performance that was going to be so fun to watch! With amazing matching outfits, it was an incredibly synchronized performance that had clearly been well-rehearsed prior to Saturday night. Once again we saw fantastic footwork from the former footballer which ultimately contributed massively to them earning their highest score of the series so far. The judges were full of praise for this performance, all of them agreeing that The Charleston most certainly suits Alex’s personality and dancing ability with quick footwork clearly a strong skill of hers given her former profession. Head judge Shirley openly said it was “your best performance yet” which will certainly give the pair confidence going forward.

Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec

Dance: Viennese Waltz.

Score: 36.

Once again an amazing setting and outfit combination; this is really becoming a strong area for these two which although may not directly affect the dance itself, certainly helps the performance look strong. This was a powerful dance with so much passion and expertise delivery from both Emma and Aljaz alike who deserved all the praise they received from the judges in their feedback. They also received a standing ovation from the audience and three out of four judges, however Craig despite not standing up still offered very positive feedback and gave a nine score. You know it is an excellent performance when even critical Craig says so!

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones

Dance: The Samba.

Score: 21.

This performance certainly suits Mike’s bubbly and energetic personality and dancing skills which certainly came across in this crowd pleasing performance. Unfortunately this was the only real positive about the performance with Craig describing it “like watching a three year old”, and all judges did not want to talk about the actual dance itself. Given that their last performance received an excellent score of 32 with amazing feedback, both Mike and Katya will know that they can do a lot better than this and certainly have too if they want to progress in the competition.

Will Bayley and Janette Manrara

Dance: Contemporary- Couple’s Choice

Score: 32.

Probably the highlight of the night and not even for the dance itself strictly speaking, but more so for the story behind this performance. Before the dance, a video was shown explaining Will’s struggle with arthrogryposis (a disease that affects limbs) and childhood cancer, how he overcame his illnesses by taking up table tennis as a child and went on to win a Gold Medal at the 2016 Olympics for Team GB. Following the video, he and Janette performed a spectacular contemporary dance of their choice which received a standing ovation and ended up with both Will, Janette and the judges all being very emotional. Motsi, in particular, couldn’t even speak and therefore could not give any feedback. Sometimes silence speaks more than words. An incredible story with a great dance to do it justice.

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer

Dance: The Quickstep.

Score: 25.

Once again this was a very uplifting performance from the duo and we really are starting to see these performances reflecting the personalities of both Chris and Karen alike. As with a lot of quick steps, this was a very energetic dance which really suits Chris’ personality. It was a fast performance which at times may have been a little bit too fast for the Geordie comedian however he did cope well with the fast movements from Karen and together they produced a solid performance. They received very positive feedback with Motsi and Shirley both talking about the continuous improvement of of Chirs and Karen’s partnership. Alfonso also spoke of the “growth” of Chris paying tribute to how much he has learned, developed and improved over the last few weeks. It was a good performance which received a fair and modest score to reflect that. Strictly Come Dancing Week 7

The Results!

We were treated to a fantastic group performance from the professionals with a great red carpet theme which certainly caught our eye and introduced the results show perfectly. They demonstrated their ability and talent as to why they do what they do and do it so well with some fantastic choreography in place to make for a great end to a week of dancing!

The Final Two

Based on the judges’ scores and the public vote, the lowest scoring two couples were slightly more predictable this week based on the judges’ quite critical feedback. In the dance off this week was Mike Bushwell and Katya Jones and David James and Nadiya Bychkova. This would not have come as a major surprise to either couples with both receiving rather critical feedback from the judges.

David and Nadiya

While there was a slight increase in energy, certainly from David, this was still not a particularly brilliant performance. There were no major faults, however no major improvements which at this level in the series can be very costly as the competitiveness gets more intense each week. They will be disappointed to be in the dance off for a third time, but they did little to prove that they didn’t deserve to be there on this occasion.

Mike and Katya

This performance was once again full of energy and lively dance moves, even if marginally calmer than the previous night which may have worked in their favour as the overall dance seemed to go better than the previous night. There were no noticeable mistakes which the couple have been prone to in the series which is a positive sign given the high levels of energy and passion on show.

The couple leaving the competition were…

David James and Nadiya Bychkova. Not a major surprise however certainly a shame as they were most definitely a very likeable couple who gave it their all in this competition. Unfortunately, it was not the third time’s the charm in the dance-off for David and Nadiya who couldn’t ride their luck again.

So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

And that concludes the weekly round up for week 7 of Strictly Come Dancing 2019! Please make sure you check out our website each week for weekly updates on the live performances!

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