Strictly Come Dancing Week 9

Strictly Come Dancing Week 9

Strictly Come Dancing - Week 9!

And just like that, we are halfway through the competition already! It is scary to think where the time has gone but I guess time flies when you’re having fun! This week we once again saw Kevin Clifton filling in for Neil Jones alongside Alex Scott due to Neil’s injury. In addition to this, we unfortunately learned of the departure of Will Bayley from the competition due to injury. A truly great shame as he was performing very well in recent weeks and everyone at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK wishes Will a full and speedy recovery back to full health. He was able to watch the show in the audience and as upsetting as he would have been not to take part, he sure would have been impressed with the performances of his former dancing compadres.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 9

What Did We Think?

This week there was no group performance to kick start the Saturday night show as they had to explain the sad news regarding Will’s premature departure from the competition and even spoke to him in the audience. Since there was no group performance, the highlight of the night before the dancing began was certainly Motsi’s bright red and glittery dress which set the precedent for a bright and colourful evening of dancing ahead. With fewer dancing duos left in the competition, we are really getting to stage where there is no room for mistakes and just like last week, a seemingly strong couple had a poor week which cost them dearly…

Strictly Come Dancing Week 9

The Performances

A round up of the performances of week 9 in the competition:

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice

Dance: Pasa Doble.

Score: 34.

Dancing to a rendition of ‘Another One Bites The Dust’, Michelle and Giovanni truly showed their levels of high talent and ability which is why they have consistently scored highly in the competition. With a very sharp performance where the concept of being ‘in character’ was paramount, they certainly performed very well and maintained said characters well, something rather easy for Michelle given her profession. Their dancing was synchronized very well with some incredible footwork on display and a fierce-faced ending to round up a solid performance. Following last week where they received their highest score, Michelle and Giovanni had raised a high bar, however they definitely didn’t disappoint as the judges were full of praise. Bruno spoke highly of the performance referring to Michelle’s ability to stay in character so well, which truly helps a performance, whilst Craig said it was a “dance with purpose and passion. Motsi wrapped it up well by saying the “position was so phenomenal” as they received a very good score for another solid performance.

Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec

Dance: The Samba.

Score: 26.

This performance had a ‘rooftop bar’ theme which, whilst creative and good looking, it did not contribute anything overly positive to what was an average performance from this talented duo. Before the dance, Aljaz openly admitted that ‘The Samba’ was one of the hardest dances in Strictly which unfortunately turned out to be too true as this dance was certainly not great compared to recent performances. There was nothing overly wrong with the performance; however, it just seemed to lack something extra to make it stand out amongst the higher quality performances. There was good choreography but delivery was poor and it was a slower dance than we have seen previously from this dancing duo. Craig described the performance as “technically sloppy” which is harsh but unfortunately true, whilst the rest of the judges gave mixed feedback with Bruno saying they did a “great job of a hard dance”. It was not a bad performance as such but far from their best.

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse

Dance: Viennese Waltz.

Score: 34.

This was a very powerful and almost dramatic performance with this extremely talented duo once again reminding us of what they are capable of. This strong performance most definitely told a story with Kelvin looking more like a professional dancer as each week passes, which is a credit to both himself and Oti. Whilst this came across as a short dance, it was certainly a case of quality over quantity as they remind us once again why they are up there with the very best of the competition. Motsi described this performance as “absolutely outstanding”, however Shirley and Craig were slightly more critical, although Craig did end on a positive note. There was mixed feedback but it was generally positive with a very good score to reflect on.

Alex Scott and Kevin Clifton

Dance: American Smooth.

Score: 31.

Once again Kevin stepped in exceptionally well for the injured Neil Jones and has taken his place in forming a great bond already with Alex Scott as this very good performance showed. It may not have been as strong as last week’s Ghostbusters themed dance, however it was certainly a very entertaining dance which impressed the judges and the audience alike. The performance contained some good lifts with once again fantastic footwork from the former footballer, but lacked the fast flowing movement that we have seen previously with her and Neil’s dances. Bruno was open in his criticism saying that they “need to work on musical phrasing” in reference to keeping in time with the music, however Motsi ended the feedback positively saying to Alex that she was “falling in love with your dancing”. Mixed leaning towards positive feedback for a certainly solid performance from the makeshift couple!

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer

Dance: Commercial Couple’s Choice.

Score 34.

This “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” themed hip-hop, street dance was performed excellently and really suited the dancing style of both Chris and Karen as it was full of energy and charisma, truly playing to their strengths. It was a vocal performance with Chris yelling the iconic phrase at the start of the dance and with some fantastic outfits, it really was a great looking performance. The choreography was phenomenal and was the highlight of the dance as it took centre stage and definitely allowed for some amazing moves. The likeability and enjoyable energy certainly helps this performance look great, not to mention how much Chris has improved under Karen’s wing. Craig’s reaction was simply “that was sick” to which Chris Ramsey reacted as if his football team had scored a last-minute winner. The “scenes” that followed were quite something as he was literally screaming and hugging Karen in joy, as Craig has been a regular critic of their performances. They didn’t receive a negative word from the judges and received a solid score as such.

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke.

Dance: The Rumba.

Score: 22.

This dance was more than a dance, more like a stage performance with acting/character on show and this did compliment the dancing well. There were high technical levels on show with high expectations thanks to great performances recently, however this did not live up to expectations. The dance was almost a bit boring with no real flare, energy or precision involved meaning that naturally it wasn’t going to impress the judges nor score highly. Motsi said that they had so much potential as a couple, however this did not show that and head judge Shirley was very critical of this performance, with Anton clearly disagreeing with her comments. This performance looked great in terms of outfits and set, however the experienced Anton and talented Emma could have done a lot better.

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones

Dance: The Charleston.

Score: 30.

As always with this couple we saw some high levels of energy which is a key part of The Charleston and certainly allows for both Mike and Katya to be at their best. Following poor performances in recent weeks, they once again put in so much effort and worked so hard in training which really showed as they were fantastic. There was a good use of props and outfits which helped aesthetically. This can be a difficult dance due to the fast footwork required, however Mike and Katya’s energy levels certainly kept up with some great synchronized dancing on show. There were a few mistakes which were picked up on by the judges, however they were full of praise as Bruno referred to it as a “great performance” with Craig and Motsi both saying that they loved it. Motsi even said “that dance was your dance” which is certainly reflective on the energy levels of this duo. A solid performance and a solid score.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 9

The Results!

The results show on Sunday evening was introduced with another great group performance from the professional dancers, with fantastic props and outfits utilised to the full with amazing dancing to match. It was incredibly energetic and synchronized to perfection which rounded up an excellent week of dancing superbly.

The Final Two

The Final Two once again was based on the combination of the judges’ scores and the public vote, with the lowest scoring two couples entering the dance off to fight for their place in the competition, where the judges voted again on who they wished to keep in the competition. This week the two couples in the dance off were Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec and Mike Bushell and Katya Jones. Mike and Katya entering the dance off for a third week will have been disappointing as they did make considerable improvements this week, however, Emma and Aljaz will certainly be surprised given some recent performances. Despite this, we’re at that stage where no matter how strong a couple has been in previous weeks, a poor week can land them in the dance off to fight for their place.

Emma and Aljaz

Whilst this was quite clearly a poor week for the duo, they will still seem surprised to be here as they definitely were not the worst performing couple this week. Once again they showed good quality dancing despite it not being a particularly great effort, especially in comparison to previous weeks. Nothing in particular went wrong, however there was nothing to shout about either and give them something to stand out in the precarious position of a dance off.

Mike and Katya

You could almost feel the disappointment when they found out they would be in the dance off for the third week in a row, especially since they scored highly this week and received very positive feedback from the judges. Mike seemed slightly slower than the night before, however the dance itself was still delivered very well and was full of energy. They displayed some great footwork and managed to avoid making as many mistakes as the night previously, which certainly will have had an impact on the judges.

The Couple Leaving the Competition Were...

Emma and Aljaz. Truly a massive shame as they had outstanding performances in recent weeks, including the Viennese Waltz in Week 7 which received a score of 36. Once again, like last week with Catherine and Johannes, despite how strong they’ve been in recent weeks, one poor week can cost them their place. This stage in the competition is most certainly the cruellest as some of the strongest acts are caught out and depart the competition even if they have been very strong in previous weeks.

Goodbye for Now!

That concludes our round up for Week 9 of Strictly Come Dancing 2019! Please make sure you check out our website each week for weekly updates of all the live performances and see which other couples may slip up!

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Legs Eleven Strictly Come Dancing Week 9