20p Roulette

20p Roulette

About 20p Roulette

Here at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK, Roulette Games are amongst the most popular Casino Games to play. 20p Roulette by Inspired is a traditional and straightforward Roulette Game, adopting all the elements of Roulette that you would find on a real-life Roulette table. This casino game features a Roulette wheel numbered 0-36, meaning there are 37 different slots and the objective of the game is to guess which slot the ball will land in. As such with the majority of Roulette Games, you are able to bet on a range of outcomes, such as the colour of the slot or if it is an odd or even number. The chips are worth 20p in this game, however there is a betting range from £1 to £100, allowing for plenty of variation when making a bet and placing your chip(s) on the felt.

How to Play 20p Roulette

Place your chip(s) on the area of the felt that you wish to bet on, whether that be an inside bet or an outside bet. Once you are ready to begin, select ‘BET’ and the game will begin with the wheel being spun.

Types of Bets

Inside Bets

Single Number - Pays out at 35/1.

Pair of Numbers - Pays out at 17/1.

Three Numbers - Pays out at 11/1.

Four Numbers - Pays out at 8/1.

Six Number - Pays out at 5/1.

Outside Bets

Columns - Pays out at 2/1.

Dozens - Pays out at 2/1.

*Red/Black *- Pays out at Evens.

Even/Odd - Pays out at Evens.

1-18/19-38 - Pays out at Evens.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

20p Roulette is a simple and straightforward Roulette Game that allows players to play Roulette across mobile, desktop and tablet. 20p Roulette adopts a traditional Roulette style by containing everything you’d expect in a real-life Roulette table, such as a felt, a wheel and a range of betting options, allowing for plenty of choices. As 20p is a simple yet traditional Roulette game, both new and more experienced players will be made to feel welcome when playing.