Arcade Bomb uk slot

Arcade Bomb

Arcade Bomb slots buttons

Total Stake Select a stake that can help you blow up them big wins in Arcade Bomb slots. The plus and minus buttons will allow you to increase or decrease your stake before you spin the reels.

Spin Select spin when you are ready to play your action themed slots reels. Remember them reel bombs can appear at anytime during the game so keep your eyes open!

Auto Play with the autoplay feature in order to spin your reels automatically. Select an amount of game plays, between 10-100 rounds are available to play. Hit the start button and the game is on. You can stop the autoplay feature at anytime with the stop button.

Pays Read more about bonus features, symbols values and paylines under the pays button.

Arcade Bomb slots bonus feature

Reel Bombs Watch out for the powerful reel bombs in Arcade Bomb slots. The reel bombs can land on any position over your reel during any spin! If a bomb land on your reel it will be locked onto your reels as the bombs countdown begin. The countdown will go down by one for each spin round you play, as the bomb reach 0 it will explode over your reel and replace the symbols close by for matching symbols which will increase your chances for a winning combination! Not only can the bombs replace symbols it can also trigger other bombs for more win chances in Arcade Bomb slots!