Beavis and Butthead uk slot

Beavis And Butthead

About Beavis and Butthead Slot

Beavis and Butthead is one of Blueprint Gaming’s online slots UK designed around the cult classic TV series from the 90s of the same name, which followed a delinquent duo whose cynical outlook on everything but rock music and TV was hilarious and captivated a generation. This slot game is not only a genuinely entertaining counterpart to the series but even as a standalone casino game makes for what is bound to be a big hit among our Legs Eleven players.

The game is set on the TV screen that the duo is sat in front of with snacks and drinks aplenty to keep them going as they watch you play their slot game. It’s a 5x3 reel offering 20 paylines that you can spin through in search of some potentially fantastic wins! As you might expect from such an action-packed TV show, the online slot has a lot of bonus features with various reels available to play on for a dynamic slot experience! Some of the bonuses are randomly triggered, including the comical Cornholio Wilds which introduces Beavis’ alter-ego, the Great Cornholio, who parades in front of the television screen leaving behind entire reels filled with Wilds! There are also some great bonuses that will transport you to scenes taken straight from the television show like the brilliant Don’t Be a Buzzkill, in which you need to try and prevent Coach Buzzcut from blowing his top as you uncover some cash prizes.

Among the symbols on the reels are some classic card values redesigned to fit in with the MTV show’s theme, and these comprise the low-value symbols that are available; on the high-value side of the reels, you could be looking at some potentially huge prizes if you find 5 of Beavis or Butthead’s symbols on the reels, as your most lucrative symbols. The logo, Van Driessen, and Principal McVicker include some of the other high-value symbols that are available in the slot game.

Rock ‘n’ roll your way through one of the most hilarious and feature-packed online slots that we have here at Legs Eleven, and you might even trigger one of the many bonuses on offer!

How to Play Beavis and Butthead Slot Game

Total Stake

You can change the bet from the default stake amount by pressing the corresponding arrows above and below the Bet button to increase or decrease the bet accordingly. Alternatively, you can click on the Bet button and choose from the displayed stake values between 10p and £100 per spin, which will be deducted each time you spin the reels.


Once you’ve decided that you’re happy with your online slots stake, you’re ready to spin the reels with Beavis and Butthead. This will deduct the stake amount that you set at the beginning. Any wins will be highlighted to reveal the successful payline before the amount is credited to your available balance.


If, like the duo, you want to put your feet up and let the computer do the work for you then you’re in luck! There’s an autoplay feature that can be enabled by clicking the icon at the bottom right of the screen where you’ll need to set the number of spins that you would like to run. While optional, there are also recommended settings for a loss and win limits so that you can maintain full control of your casino gaming experience here at Legs Eleven!


You can find the paytable at any time during gameplay by selecting the ‘≡’ icon and navigating to the grid symbol, where you can find lots of reminders on the pay structure of the game, details of the bonus features, and much more!

Beavis and Butthead Slot Special Features

Couch Your Cash!

Take a seat alongside Beavis and Butthead as they flick through the reels in these hilarious randomly-activated bonuses that we think all die-hard fans are going to love! They’re pretty cool, man…

Die Fly Die

Beavis and Butthead’s plans to laze around in front of the TV are interrupted by a swarm of flies that have taken an interest in their snacks. They take matters into their own hands and start swatting at the television screen to try and squash a few of the critters. The unlucky few that get caught between the fly-swatter and the screen are turned into Wilds. That’ll teach ‘em...

Colossal Couch Fishing

Where the fishing rod came from, we’re not quite sure - but Butthead decides to launch the hook at the reels to fish for a random giant 3x3 symbol to give you the chance to reel in a win. They might even move it around or change the symbol entirely after it lands, so keep your eyes peeled!

Cornholio Wilds

Watch Beavis leave the room and return as the famous Great Cornholio! With his t-shirt pulled over his head, he parades in front of the television screen to create entire reels full of Wilds that could create some fantastic wins for you!

So Nacho

What’s better than indulging in nachos while you’re catching up on your favourite TV show? The bag tearing open and launching cheesy nachos all over the reels! Normally, that would be a devastating waste of crisps, but in this slot game, the crisps that stick to the reels will turn into a random symbol which could mean some cheesy wins for you!

Butt Flambe

In true Beavis style, watch as he chugs a full bottle of hot sauce and promptly spews scorching hot flames all over the reels from his rear with the potential to reveal Bonus symbols that will trigger one of the fantastic bonuses!

Some Like it Hot

If your friend downed a bottle of hot sauce, would you do it too? Well, Butthead would! As the friends burp sweltering flames all over the TV you’re guaranteed a big win! We’ve never known a belch quite like it…

Beavis and Butthead Modifiers

You’re in for a treat as Blueprint Gaming has thrown as much action into this slot, like many of their other online slots, to give you as many opportunities as possible to trigger a bonus. These are some extras that could be triggered after a winning or losing spin.

Sofa Slugfest

The fishing rod makes a reappearance in this modifier, but as Butthead launches the rod out he catches his best pal with the hook and sends him flying across the room, knocking various symbols from the reels. New symbols fill in the gaps, giving you a second chance to bag yourself a win. Poor Beavis.

Change the Channel

In the original series, the most cutting criticism the teenagers could make about a video they were reviewing was to simply change the channel. If they get bored of what’s on screen Butthead could use the remote to switch to a new channel, and the reels will spin again to reveal a win!

Even More Bonus Features

These fantastic bonus games will take players to a new set of reels, all designed to match perfectly with scenes from the original series for an instant pang of nostalgia. To trigger the bonuses, look out for at least 3 Bonus symbols that will take you to a new screen on the duo’s TV set, where you can select one of the channels, each representing a different bonus.

Don’t be a Buzzkill

At least 3 Bonus symbols trigger this round, which will take our two favourite delinquents into the coach’s office for a good talking-to. The goal in this feature is to find cash prizes without aggravating the ever-serious Coach Buzzcut; to do this, click on either Beavis or Butthead to reveal either the coveted Cash Add symbol or the Angry Coach. Infuriate him too much and steam will billow from his ears and the feature will end, allowing you to collect what you’ve won. Jeez, Buzzcut, don’t be a buzzkill, man...

Customers Suck!

Oh man, not another shift at Burger World. Beavis and Butthead turn up for their shift at the infamous fast food restaurant ready to take orders and subsequently ruin them. The manager will reward you with a multiplier for each order you get correct, with chicken nuggets offering an incentive of 1x right up to the special beef burger which serves up a mighty 5x. Your total prize is calculated by adding up all the multipliers that you’ve won at the end of the round. Prank a customer by clicking on a worm-filled burger, however, and you’ll get a warning. After the third warning, the feature will end with the restaurant on fire, but you get to walk free with your winnings. During this feature, you have the chance to unlock a feature upgrade to the Maxi Mart Free Spins, which you can do by finding 3 golden burgers!

To B or Not To B Free Spins

Welcome to the neighbourhood! Beavis and Butthead are hanging out on Butthead’s front lawn which is home to a free spins bonus! Each of the 10 free spins will reward you with either a Beavis Wild or a Butthead Wild, which could help you collect some cool wins. You could even receive some instant prizes by collecting some of the symbols containing the special Hollywood Star, 6 of which will take you to an upgraded bonus: Just Deserts!

Maxi Mart Free Spins

Beavis and Butthead head for the local supermarket to stock up on essentials (namely nachos and maxi gulp drinks), which is where the reels are set. Specifically, they’re in a unique drink dispensary where you’ll have 12 free spins to play through featuring some extra Maxi Gulp symbols. Stock up on these and fill the cups to get some extra Wilds!

The Great Cornholio Free Spins

Remember the Great Cornholio? Well, he’s back and better than ever in this hilarious bonus round set in the school bathroom where he will leave behind stacked Wilds in the 6 free spins that you’re awarded. As always in these bonus features, if you collect Hollywood Star symbols then you have the opportunity to receive extra prizes, including the ability to upgrade the feature to Just Deserts!

Just Deserts Big Money Feature

Even though the duo are never at school, we promise this isn’t a spelling error. This bonus feature is… well… just deserts. Choose one of the 3 animal skulls to reveal how many steps Beavis and Butthead take through the desert, discovering increasingly bigger multiplier prizes the further along they get. Beware though, they certainly aren’t athletes! The boys will eventually tire and start crawling along the ground before collapsing if the bonus goes on for a long time, which will end the feature and give you your total winnings. Alternatively, landing on a Collect symbol will end it prematurely.

Legs Eleven Thinks...

If you like your online slots packed with bonus features then Beavis and Butthead is bound to be a fantastic choice, especially if you love yourself a spot of 90s nostalgia! There are so many bonus features we would struggle to name a favourite, but there’s just something about Don’t Be a Buzzkill that really encapsulates the characters of the teenagers hilariously well. For those of you who enjoyed the abundance of bonuses, we’d also recommend another of Blueprint Gaming’s online slots, The Goonies which has more than you could shake a stick at!