Beehive Bedlam online uk slots

Beehive Bedlam

Beehive Bedlam slots game

This mobile game is a little bit different to what you probably are used to. The game consists of seven reels and seven rows. There’s no paylines, to collect a win you must match symbols over your reel. Five connected symbols will generate a win, the symbols involved in the win will then disappear from the reels to make room for more symbols to fall down.

Beehive Bedlam slots buttons

Stake Before you start buzzing for wins you must pick a slots stake. Simply use the plus or minus buttons to adjust the current stake. The plus button will increase your stake while the minus button will decrease your stake.

Play To play one game round of Beehive Bedlam slots press the play button. Your symbols will fall from above and land in random positions over your reels.

Menu Press the menu button to access the games paytable, to see your achievements and world progression. From here you can also access game settings and the autoplay function.

Autoplay To play this game automatically you must first choose a stake per play. Then you need to decide how many game rounds you want to play with your chosen wager. You can also select a loss limit and a single win limit. Once you are all set, press the confirm button to begin. You can stop the autoplay feature at anytime by pressing stop.

Beehive Bedlam slots bonus features

Achievements There’s 15 amazing achievements for you to unlock in Beehive Bedlam slots. Unlock as many as you can for more chances to collect winnings.

The Honey Jar Add honey to the honey jar by connecting beekeeper symbols on your reel. There’s 20 levels in the honey jar and once you have unlocked them all you will trigger the honey jar bonus! Once the bonus is triggered you must press the screen to keep Buzz flying. Try and avoid all the obstacles and collect as many gold coins as you can to complete the bonus and receive your reward!

Free Falls The free falls bonus will be triggered if you manage to connect three or more free fall symbols on your reel. The free fall game will be played with higher value symbols than your normal base game. The amount of free falls you receive depends on the amount of symbols you collected. 3 symbols gives 8 free falls, 4 gives 10, 5 gives 12 and 6 symbols gives 15 free falls.

The progressive jackpot can only be triggered during your free fall bonus. If you can, on your last spin find and spell out the word JACKPOT you will win the total amount displayed on your screen!

World Bonus Game There’s 10 worlds in Beehive Bedlam slots and each world has 10 levels to complete. Once you have completed one world you will receive the bonus payout for that world which will be based on your average stake for the corresponding world and a new outfit for Buzz with a different theme. You will be moved up to the next world in line once you have completed one. There’s more than one payout to collect in Beehive Bedlam slots world bonus game. You can play online at Legs Eleven!