Big Wheel uk slot

Big Wheel

Big Wheel slots buttons

Menu To access the game panel area where you can adjust your stake, play automatically, access paytable information and read about game rules you must press the menu button. This button can be found in the bottom right corner.

Bet Select a bet amount before you spin the reels in Big Wheel slots. Once you press the menu button you will directly end up in the bet tag where you simply just click on the amount you wish to play with.

Spin When it’s time to start the action packed slots game Big Wheel, all you need to do is to press one of the two spin buttons located on the each side of the reels.

Autoplay Select between 10 and 100 rounds to play automatically in Big Wheel slots. Once you have confirmed the amount of game rounds press start and the game will begin. You can chose to stop the reels at anytime by pressing the stop button.

Big Wheel slots bonus rounds

Crazy Reel Bonus The crazy reel bonus can be awarded at anytime in the Big Wheel slots after a spin that didn’t land a winning combination. All wins visible on your reel would award a payout and if you have landed three ducks the great Jackpot repeat chance will be awarded!

The BIG WHEEL Bonus__ Collect one big wheel symbol on a win line on the centre reel and you have triggered the big wheel bonus. The wheel will spin and eventually stop on a feature, the feature will be lit up and awarded to you! There’s six different features up for grabs in Big Wheel slots.

Super Jackpot The super jackpot feature will award you with the jackpot from three ducks which is 30x your stake, there is also a chance to retrigger this bonus up to nine times for a total of 100x your initial stake!

Round About In this feature you will see a flashing light circulating around the big wheel symbol on your reel. You must press the start button and the light will stop on one of the symbols on the reel. You win will be based on the chosen symbol and paid out to you!

Roller Coaster Pick a number of steps by pressing the start button. You will be able to see your reels moving forward. You will receive a three of a kind win for every time you reveal three of the same fruit, your win will be based on the value of the fruit symbol you matched.

Crazy Reels In this feature you will receive payouts for all winning combinations in any position over your slots reel. You will have a random number of spins to play and if you manage to land winnings with the duck symbol you will be taken to the rewarding jackpot repeat chance!

Ring the Bell The reels will be moving around in this bonus, one step at the time. You will be awarded a random cash prize every time a bell lands on your reel. You can chose to move along further for a chance to take home a higher prize or stop and receive the payout from your current win. If you chose to move along but there's no bells landing on your reel, your initial bonus win will be lost.

Duck Shoot The duck shoot feature will give you three chances to try and light up more winnings. To move along you must light up the next award, if you don’t manage to light it up the bonus will end and you will receive a payout of your current win in Big Wheel slots. Light up all the symbols and you will receive the 30x super jackpot.