Birdz slot


How to Win at Birdz Slot The scratch card consists of two rounds, plus two extra bonus rounds.

Round 1: Pick a Scarecrow The first round is ‘Pick a Scarecrow’. Select 1 of the 3 scarecrows to reveal between 5 and 10 picks, which you will use to reveal Birdz on the scratch card grid.

Round 2: Scratch Card Eggs will begin to drop down from above. Keep selecting Eggs until there are no picks remaining. Each pick will reveal a bird symbol in Birdz slot online.

Match 3 of the Birdz symbols to win. Coinciding wins of different Birdz are added. The payouts for each symbol at the selected stake are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Birdz slot buttons online

Set your stake Click the TOTAL BET panel to select your stake. The payouts for each bird symbol, at the currently selected stake, are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Start the game Click START to start your game Birdz slot online.

Birdz slot Instant Win Bonus Round/ Special Features

Giant Egg There is a chance that a Giant Egg will appear over the grid as part of the initial drop. You will be invited to touch the Giant Egg to reveal one of its bonuses.

Win Multiplier A multiplier of the pick win from the main grid, either x2,x3,x5 or x10. This applies only to wins from three matching Birdz found on the grid and not to spot prizes or Bird Bonus wins.

Spot Prize A cash prize, additional to any values won elsewhere during the game. Up to 5x the Total Bet.

Extra Picks Up to 5 extra picks, added to the number already chosen from the ‘Pick a Scarecrow’ round.

Bird Bonus Reveal a Bonus Bird symbol and watch him climb the Bonus Tree. The Bird Bonus awards a win which is proportional to the average contributing stake.