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Relax Blackjack

About Blackjack

Live Casino games are slowly but surely becoming very popular here at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK with Blackjack from Relax Gaming adding to the growing list of games. Just like our other Live Blackjack games, Relax’s Blackjack aims to replicate the feel of being in an actual casino which truly influences the dynamics and format of this casino game. The layout of the game is rather simple, with a range of chips to choose from, you can place however many are within your funds on any deck you like in order to get closer to the value of 21 than the dealer. This casino game includes The Best Move Indicator which will show you the probability of your hand winning, however this is strictly probability and does not guarantee anything, so it is up to you whether you follow the advice or not.

How to Play Blackjack

Place chips of your choice on any or all of the available betting boxes if you wish to. You can vary the amount of chips you place and you also have the option to double or undo the bets placed. Once you are satisfied with your bets, press the deal option which will confirm your bet and reveal two cards into each box with chips in as well as the dealer’s two cards; one being face up, one being face down. Then you choose whether to Hit or Stand. Remember, you want to be closer to the value of 21 than the dealer. There are a range of other features in this game, such as doubling down, splitting, insurance and even money. For more information on these features, rules and instructions of the game, select the buttons at the top of the screen to find out more!

Blackjack Bonus Feature

As mentioned previously, the main Bonus Feature in Blackjack is the Best Move Indicator feature which will tell you the probability of your cards being a winner according to mathematics. However this is not guaranteed and is strictly based on probability, not certainty. Whilst you are entirely free to ignore this advice, it may be of use if you are unfamiliar with Blackjack.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

At Legs Eleven we are very keen on the rise of Live Casino games on our site with games like Relax Roulette, also by Relax Gaming, adding to the ever growing list of casino games which replicate an actual casino! Blackjack is definitely a solid game for those who are experienced in it as it adopts the traditional Blackjack format, however due to the simplistic nature of the game, it does not isolate those who may be new to it. For similar games at Legs Eleven, you may wish to visit our Live Blackjack Party to enhance your Blackjack experience!

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