Blaze Roulette

Blaze Roulette

About Blaze Roulette

Live Casino Games are incredibly popular here at Legs Eleven with Live Roulette in particular being a hit amongst our players. In Blaze Roulette, you will find all the key Roulette features found in the majority of Roulette games, including a wheel with 37 slots that are numbered 0-36 and a range of betting options to choose from, including both inside bets and outside bets alike. What separates Blaze Roulette from other Roulette Games, is that this Live Casino Game by Authentic Gaming takes place in a Live Studio, as opposed to a regular casino. There is also a presenter that conducts this game which adds to the game and certainly brings a Live Casino Feel!

How to Play Blaze Roulette

When the status bar above the number table is green and reads “PLACE YOUR BETS”, this is when you can place any bet(s) that you wish to make. The status will then read “FINAL BETS” and then “NO MORE BETS”, indicating when the game has begun and bets past this point will not be counted. When you wish to place your bet(s), select the chip(s) you wish to bet and place them on the area(s) on the felt that you wish to bet on. Each chip bet will remove the value of said chip from your balance with payouts being made in accordance to the bets you have placed.

Types Of Bets

Inside Bets

Straight Up - Place your chip(s) on a number that you wish to bet on.

Split* - Place your chip(s) on a line between two numbers, either vertically or horizontally, which will split the bet between two.

Corner - Place your chip(s) in the corner where four numbers meet, splitting the bet between four numbers.

Six Line - Place your chip(s) on the area between two rows of numbers, which will split the bet between both rows, combining six numbers.

Outside Bets

Colum Bet - Place your chip(s) boxes at the end of the column that is marked “2 to 1”, which will cover twelve numbers.

Dozen Bet - Place your chip(s) in the boxes marked “1st 12”, “2nd 12” or “3rd 12”, covering all twelve numbers in the appropriate box.

Red/Black - Place your chip(s) in either a red or black box, thus covering either the eighteen black numbers or eighteen red numbers.

Even/Odd - Place your chip(s) in either the even or odd box, thus covering either the eighteen even or eighteen odd numbers.

1-18/19-36 - Place your chip(s) in either the “1-18” box or the “19-36” box, covering either the first or latter eighteen numbers on the felt.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

Here at Legs Eleven, we primarily offer UK Online Slots as well as UK Online Bingo so to be able to offer our players Live Casino options is very much welcomed as it diversifies our casino and gives our loyal players plenty to choose from. Blaze Roulette is a straightforward and simple Live Roulette game that includes all the key elements that make Roulette the excellent casino game that is played by so many people around the world. Register at Legs Eleven for other Live Casino Games as well as a range of new online slots too.