Bully4U online slot


Bully4U slots game

The Bully4U slots game consists of three classic reels and nine different symbols. Five paylines will be active on each spin and the 77 symbol is your highest valued one!

Bully4U slots buttons

Menu The menu button is located in the bottom right hand corner. From here you will be able to access the bet window, autospin feature and read more about the symbols and payouts available in Bully4U slots.

Bet To choose a bet amount you must first click on the menu button. Choose the tab called ‘bet’ and select your preferred stake from the different boxes. Once you have chosen your bet amount click on the arrow in the bottom right corner to return to the game screen.

Spins There’s a spin button on each side of your Bully4U slots reel. Press one of the spin buttons to play one round with your chosen stake.

Autoplay You can chose to play the fast paced reels in Bully4U slots automatically for a number of game rounds. There’s two ways to access the autopay settings, either press the smaller spin button on your game play screen or click on the menu button and choose autoplay from the tabs. You will be able to choose an amount of game plays to spin with your preferred stake.

Bully4U slots features

Paytable The 77 symbols are the highest paying symbols in Bully4U slots. Second highest is the bar symbols, third is the watermelons, fourth the ringing bells and fifth the grapes. Both the oranges and the plums are paying 10 and the cherries and lemons pays 6.

Bully4U Bonus Start the Bully4U bonus by completely surround one symbol by another! The surrounded symbol will cover your entire reel and activate all five paylines! The Bully4U bonus will award you with a full house and can pay up to 500x your stake!