Clockwork Mice online slot uk

Clockwork Mice

Clockwork Mice slots buttons

Bet Before you start spinning the reels in Clockwork Mice slots you must find your way to the menu button and select a suitable stake amount. The menu button is located in the bottom right corner and from here you will be able to access the bet screen. Click on the amount you wish to bet and you are all set.

Start Press the start button to start one round of the game Clockwork Mice slots. Your reels will play one game round with your chosen wager.

Autoplay You can use the autoplay feature in Clockwork Mice slots if you wish to play the reels automatically. Select a number of game rounds and press play. You can change your mind and stop the reels at anytime by pressing the stop button.

Paytable If you press on the menu button you will also be able to access the games paytable where you can read more about the value of each symbol and how the bonus round works. Game rules is also located under the menu button.

Clockwork Mice slots bonus feature

Free spins with a clock multiplier<br Trigger the free spins bonus by collecting scatter clock symbols over your reel. Three scatter clock symbols will award you with 12 free spins, four will give 24 and five symbols will award you with 48 free spins to play in Clockwork Mice slots. All wins during your free spins bonus will be multiplied by a random multiplier. The multiplier will be selected from the clock and anything from 1x to 12x multipliers are available to win. Once a multiplier have been used it will be removed from the clock and can not be used again. If you manage to remove all multipliers on the clock you will receive the rewarding jackpot as your award! You can retrigger your free spins for more chances to take home winnings in Clockwork Mice slots.