Crazy Time

Crazy Time

About Crazy Time

Here at Legs Eleven, we offer UK Online Slots, UK Online Bingo and Live Casino Games amongst a range of other casino products too. We also offer online game show-type games, as demonstrated with Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time. This game contains a typical game show format where there is a large 54 segment wheel that is spun by the presenter, landing on one segment after each spin. A multiplier is attached to each segment of the wheel which can help lead to additional wins, not to mention the bonus features on offer! The aim of this game is to simply predict which segment the wheel will stop at, with a number of options available to bet on.

How to Play Crazy Time

Before the start of each round, a range of valued chips will appear below the eight possible cards that you can bet on. In order to place your bet, simply click on whichever chip you wish to bet and place it on a card of your choice. When making your bet, do it on whichever segment you predict the wheel to stop on, where you can bet on segment bet spots of 1, 2, 5, 10 or the bonus bet spots, such as Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

Crazy Time Slot Bonus Games

There are a range of bonus games that the wheel could stop at, which could activate the bonus features on offer:

Cash Hunt

This bonus feature involves a wall of 108 random multipliers with all multipliers potentially multiplied by a multiplier won in the Top Slot. You will then have the chance to aim your cannon and shoot at which part of the wall you believe to have the highest value multiplier. After you have done this, the spots on the wall will be revealed and you will see which multiplier you have won.


This bonus feature also contains a multiplier wall, where there is a puck drop zone at the top of the wall, as well as 16 random multipliers in the landing zone at the bottom of the wall. You will see the puck dropped from zones 4-12, however before this happens, the multipliers will be increased by the multiplier from the Top Slot. Landing on double will double all the multipliers which will see the drop zone randomised and the puck will be dropped again until it lands on a double multiplier, or the double again, thus increasing the multipliers further!

Coin Flip

This bonus feature is simply a ‘Heads or Tails’ decision, with a blue and red coin to choose from, both containing a multiplier each. When the coins are flipped, the side that is facing up will be the winner, with the appropriate winnings being paid out accordingly.

Crazy Time Bonus

Go past the secret red door and you will find a huge wheel containing 64 segments containing a range of multipliers on offer. If a multiplier has been won in the Top Slot, all the multipliers in this bonus feature are increased by said multiplier. Select either a red, blue, or yellow flapper and if you fail to pick one, you will be given one at random. Whichever flapper the wheel stops on, the attached multiplier will multiply your winnings instantly, thus potentially leading to huge wins!

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

Crazy Time is certainly a unique game to play here at Legs Eleven, adopting a true game show vibe with the iconic wheel leading to a variety of different options. What makes this game great are the multipliers on offer; at nearly every point of the game, there is the opportunity to win multipliers, thus potentially leading to big wins.