About Deal or No Deal: Box Picker Game

Legs Eleven online slots UK players can live out the hit TV show and test their decision making skills with Playzido’s Deal or No Deal: Box Picker casino game. This game features 26 identical red boxes in the same way the Deal or No Deal game offers. They may all look the same, but the cash prizes they hold are all different amounts waiting for players to pick and uncover. Mimicking the recognisable TV studio environment, Playzido have managed to create a completely immersive casino experience, complete with the iconic Banker's telephone waiting to ring out and offer players cash prizes.

This great offering from Playzido brings a unique twist, different from a typical casino slot, game of online bingo, or even a table game, as Deal or No Deal: Box Picker’s winning potential is based purely on player intuition. The Banker will try to tempt Legs Eleven players to accept an offer as they make their way through the boxes. Make the definitive decision to either hold out for a big offer, or accept an early deal, the choice is yours at Legs Eleven! Pick your box and prepare for a gripping casino game experience.

Deal or No Deal: Box Picker Game Features

The Banker’s Offer

After players have picked their chosen box, then progressed through the round and picked a further six boxes to reveal their hidden cash sums, the banker will call. Pick up the telephone and the Banker will reveal a cash prize offer. This offer is based on the cash amounts that are still left on the Deal or No Deal board. If players had a round where the boxes they picked revealed a majority of blue sums, then the cash prize offered will generally be higher. Legs Eleven players have the option to either press ‘Deal’ to accept the Banker’s sum, or ‘No Deal’ which will then reject the Banker’s offers and players can move on to picking the next round of boxes. If players choose to follow through, to the point where there are only two boxes remaining, the iconic black telephone will ring out again. This time, the Banker will give his final offer. If players still choose to stick to their guns and reject the Banker’s offer, then the initial box players chose as their own will open and the amount it holds will be awarded to players.

How to Play Deal or No Deal: Box Picker Game

Total Stake

Before the gameplay begins, a menu will appear in the middle of the screen, this will allow players to toggle between the up and down arrows to either increase or decrease their total stake. The higher the initial stake, the higher the potential payout! If Legs Eleven players decide to stake the maximum amount of £100, then the highest box value becomes a colossal £1000. Players also have the option to stake low, in this online casino game the minimum stake amount is set at 0.50p, which makes the highest box value and highest winning amount from that round £5.00.

Quick Pick Boxes

Players have the opportunity to select the quick pick box feature if they can’t decide which boxes to select! This will then reveal six random boxes and take away their cash amounts at a much faster rate.

Legs Elevens Deal or No Deal: Box Picker Game Review

Legs Eleven casino players who are looking for an online casino experience different to the typical offering, may enjoy Playzido’s Deal or No Deal! Live out the electrifying tension in the ultimate test of decision that may lead to epic payout potential! If you’re a fan of the hit television series, Deal or No Deal, then Legs Eleven has a variety of themed games that may suit you, including, the Deal or No Deal What’s In Your Box? slot.

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