Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live

About Deal or No Deal Live

Welcome to Deal or No Deal Live, a casino game based on the hit TV game show! Spin through the qualification round to get into the studio, where you’ll find yourself the guest of honour in front of a live host and assistant who are both ready to play along with you. Packed full of multipliers and the ability to top up your suitcase, experience the intrigue that the TV show exuded as the cases are opened and removed one-by-one… and get ready to answer the Banker’s timeless question: ‘Deal or No Deal?’

How to Play Deal or No Deal Live


In order to qualify for the main game show, you’ll first need to qualify! In front of you is a wheel with grey and gold segments; what you need to do is align all the gold segments in the upper central part of the wheel to unlock the vault door and enter into the main game! If you want to make qualification a bit easier, you can change the difficulty of the Qualification to easy (which fills in one gold ring at the cost of 3x bet) or very easy (which fills in two gold rings for the cost of 9x bet).

There is a time limit for reaching qualification which is clearly displayed throughout the round, and you can spin as many times as you need in order to fill up the gold segment, but each spin will cost you the set bet amount. The bigger the bet, the bigger the value in the briefcases. Every spin will increase your highest value briefcase by 75x-500x your initial stake.

Top Up

Congratulations, you’ve made it through qualification! Next up you’ll see the Top Up wheel, which does what it says on the tin. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to top up the amount of money in the briefcase you chose to be your highest value briefcase by 5x-50x! To do this all you need to do is click on the amount you’d like to top up and spin the wheel. You can do this as much as you want within the set time limit, but each spin costs you your set stake.

Main Game Show

Welcome to the main stage of Deal or No Deal! Noel Edmonds may not be here, but you have yourself a live game show host and his assistant. You’ll find your briefcase at the front of the studio beside the main host and a direct line to the infamous Banker, and the remaining 15 cases are at the back of the studio beside the assistant.

Each one of the 16 cases contains a number between 1 and 16, randomly distributed across the studio. The amount of money in each numbered suitcase is revealed on each side of the screen. During the game show, the assistant will gradually open up the cases to reveal its number inside, and the amount of prize money it offers. Once a case is open, it goes out of play.

At the end of each round of case openings, the Banker will contact the host with an offer tailored to you and your gameplay. After receiving the offer, you’ll be presented with two buttons: Deal, and No Deal. Choose Deal to walk away with the offer, but choose No Deal to continue playing through the suitcases. You’ll receive 4 offers unless you choose to accept a deal along the way; during the final offer, when there are only two suitcases left to open including yours, you’ll get three options: Deal, No Deal, and Switch Briefcase. Just like the show, you can take the Banker’s final offer and walk away, you could swap your case, or you can reject the offer and walk away with whatever is inside your case.

Your winnings will be displayed and you’ll be returned to the qualification round.


** Briefcase ** ** Prize **
1 0.10x
2 0.20x
3 0.50x
4 0.70x
5 1x
6 2x
7 3x
8 5x
9 8x
10 10x
11 12x
12 15x
13 20x
14 25x
15 50x
16 65-500x

Legs Eleven Thinks

Deal or No Deal is a classic game show for good reason! We’ve all wanted to be amongst the crowd of players in the studio at some point; it’s a fantastic game of luck that is tense and gripping enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Now you can be in the studio in the Deal or No Deal Live casino game! It maintains the feel of the famous show without sacrificing interactivity so you can enjoy the intrigue of the television show and be in with the chance of walking away with some fantastic cash prizes.

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