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Deal Or No Deal Slingo

Here at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK, we are welcoming Slingo Games onto our site as they combine our two most popular games; casino slots and UK Online Bingo. As you would in Deal or No Deal, the aim of the game is to pick a box with a hidden prize in, with each box containing different values. All values will be listed on both sides of the grid and it is down to you to eliminate the prizes in order to get an offer from the banker. As well as straightforward gameplay, Deal or No Deal Slingo contains amazing aesthetics which, in addition to the game show-theme, make for a Slingo experience that makes you feel like you’re playing Deal or No Deal for real!

How to Play Deal or No Deal Slingo

Before playing Deal or No Deal Slingo, set your stake using the + and - buttons on screen then select a box out of the 26 that are in front of you. This box will then be put to one side with the other 25 boxes appearing on the 5x5 grid. You then have 10 spins to use which will place 5 numbers in the horizontal reel that sits below the grid. It is then up to you to spin the reels using your spins and if any of the numbered boxes on the reels match the numbers on the horizontal reel below the grid, that box will be opened, thus removing the prize value.

A Slingo will be created by 5 opened boxes that are either vertically, horizontally or diagonally next to each other. After each Slingo is formed, you move up a place on the prize multiplier which is situated to the left of the 5x5 grid. You will receive the banker’s offer after creating 4 Slingos and after 5+ Slingos your prize multiplier will increase by 1x, with a maximum multiplier of 7x able to be unlocked! If you receive all possible Slingos and earn a Full House, your multiplier will be worth 20x which could lead to huge wins!

Deal or No Deal Slingo Bonus Features

Any of the following symbols could appear after each spin:

Joker Wild Symbols

This symbol can open any box in a column that they land on.

Super Joker Wild Symbols

These Wild Symbols can open any box in the full 5x5 grid.

Free Spins Symbols

This symbol will award you an additional spin at the end of each game.

Devil Symbol

This symbol will block any matches on the grid.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

Slingo Games are an excellent addition to Legs Eleven as they offer our loyal players the opportunity to play both slots and bingo with the chance to win big thanks to some useful bonus features. Deal or No Deal Slingo is a particularly excellent game as it adopts a similar theme to that of the TV show which inspired it and contains outstanding visuals that complement the excellent interface. Check out our Deal Or No Deal Games blog for a list of our Deal Or No Deal Games at Legs Eleven!