Frog Grog online slot

Frog Grog

About Frog Grog

The Frog Grog online slot is an eerie, atmospheric slot that transports player who are brave enough to a sorcerers coven. This slot by Nyx Gaming gives players the chance to concoct their own lucky potions as there’s plenty of bonus features to unearth. With a bonus multiplier that could reward players with up to 7X their original stake - who said seven was an unlucky number? Take in the full fantasy experience complete with impressive visuals, a atmospheric soundtrack and a chance at witnessing the frog jump onto the reels and reward players with wilds. Dodge the slime and you could be on your way to brewing up your own bonuses with this online slot game. Fans of creative slot titles such as Casper’s Mystery Mirror and Immortal Romance will appreciate the impressive attention to detail in the Frog Grog slot.

How to Play Frog Grog slot


Clicking the trophy icon located in the drop panel on the far left of the game display will provide players with more information regarding Frog Grog’s unique paytable. Here you’ll find more information about all the available paylines, winning symbols and bonus game features.


Clicking the paper symbol in the drop panel located to the left of the game display will open the game rules. Most online slot games come with a standard set of rules, but it’s important to look over the rules and ensure you’re familiar with the Frog Grog’s features before you press spin. For online casino players who are fairly new to slots, Legs Eleven suggests you read over the game rules.


Pressing either the Bet icon, or the chip icon located next to the Autoplay button, will give players the opportunity to choose their stake amount. This brings up a menu with all the available bet amounts you can stake with the Frog Grog online slot game. The minimum bet amount for this slot is set at just 10p per spin, the maximum bet is £100.00. Meaning that online casino players of all budgets will be able to enjoy the paranormal winning potential with this slot!


Like most of our online slot games here at Legs Eleven, Frog Grog comes with an Autoplay feature, where players can set the autoplay feature for a set number of spins. Pressing the Autoplay button will bring up a further menu where players can select the number of autospins they wish to play. The Autoplay feature will carry out all spins at the current bet amount and will see all chosen spins through before ending the feature.


Spin to win! Hit the spin button located at the far right of the reels to see whether or not the Frog Grog slot can reward you with great winning opportunities.

Frog Glog Slot features

Wild Symbols

If players are lucky enough to land a winning combination on the sorcerers reels, these symbols will disappear and be replaced by more symbols. This creates a new layout and gives players a chance at creating more winning combinations and continuing the process!

Frog Burp

The Frog Grog online slot game features a Frog as the main wild symbol. Dodge the slime and this frog may become your new best friend as he can replace any other low-paying symbols. Watch as he changes colour as he burps, as when he turns orange he can let out a ball of fire that wipes the reels clean. Giving players even more chances at winning big. Think you could make the frog burp up some thrilling bonuses? Take a spin of the Frog Grog slot at Legs Eleven.

Mystery Game

Don’t be disheartened by an unsuccessful spin, as this may just trigger the mystery game bonus! The Mystery Game removes all symbols from the reels apart from the moth, flower and the wild frog, giving players the opportunity at high value wins once new symbols take their place.

Legs Eleven’s Review

Don’t be afraid of the eerie surroundings in the Frog Grog mobile slot game, as there’s great winning potential to uncover. As with some of our Most Popular Slots there’s plenty of different ways to win. If you’re not a regular mobile slot player and online bingo is more your forte, take a spin of our the Frog Grog slot whilst you play, as our slots are available to play in our bingo rooms.