Genie Jackpots Cave Of Wonders

Genie Jackpots Cave Of Wonders

About Genie Jackpot Cave of Wonders

In order to unravel the mystery of the Genie and his cave, it would be wise to use your own magic responsibly whilst playing Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders. The game is a 5-reel 5-line slots game similar to that of traditional slot fruit machines. The game itself includes 16 playing features and a range of cash prizes and bonus features including free spins similar to that of Starburst, Rainbow Jackpots and Pixies of the Forest. Some of the 16 features include “Big Money” whereby the game transitions into larger amounts of money. Another mysterious genie-like feature is that of ‘Make a Wish’, whereby the Genie will present to you 3 Gold Lamps and it is up to you to unravel a mysterious prize by picking one of the lamps presented to you. When embarking through the features on the left hand side of the game screen, there is the possibility of collecting 3 lamps which if done will activate the Cave of Wonders feature as shown in the centre of the game screen. Once active, you have the opportunity to magically enter the Cave of Wonders feature or play on with the chance to upgrade the Cave of Wonders bonus. The mystery of the Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders may be unknown to you however it is with your magic that the mystery can be unraveled.

How to Play Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders

Press ‘START’ to start playing Genie Jackpot Cave of Wonders where the reels will spin and eventually stop at random. If three of more matching symbols are landed on the same adjacent line, you will have won that spin. A winning line will be highlighted in colour and the winnings will be credited to the account balance where you can either continue the mystery or decide to cashout and collect your winnings.

Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders ‘Autoplay’ function

As mentioned previously, Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders comes with an Autoplay function which will automatically play the game for you, adding that extra bit of mystery to your gaming experience. The Autoplay function will start each spin automatically and by selecting ‘AUTOPLAY’, you have the option to place up to 100 bets automatically, one after the other. You select your stake as normal then select the ‘AUTOPLAY’ button to select the number of ‘Autoplay’ bets that you wish to play. When using the Autoplay function, you are required to select a ‘loss limit’ (maximum amount willing to lose for the autoplay session) then press PLAY to begin the autoplays. Autoplay will turn off if you are awarded with any bonuses which includes free spins or if the loss limit is reached. Autoplay can be stopped by clicking the ‘STOP’ button at any point whilst using the Autoplay function.

Legs Eleven Thinks

We here at Legs Eleven think very highly of Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders. Any gaming experience that offers both first time and loyal players with opportunities for free spins plus a variety of bonus features is a gaming experience that should be tried by all responsible players. The mysterious and magical nature of Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders make the game more interesting with opportunities to win. Much like the original version, Genie Jackpots, there are many amazing and unique elements to this game, however, the highlight has to be its 16 playing features which allow the player to explore a wide variety of mysterious and magical genie themed features providing them with a unique gaming experience. To have such a large range of playing features is unique to online slots games which is why it makes Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders such a quirky yet enjoyable gaming experience for all responsible players.