King Kong Cash Jackpot King

King Kong Cash Jackpot King

King Kong Cash Jackpot King is an ape-themed online slot with some brilliant bonus features on offer that can help you win, including a Free Spins Bonus and Jackpot Bonus too! Join Legs Eleven to play.

About King Kong Cash Jackpot King

Blueprint Gaming has produced some fantastic slot games here at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK and King Kong Cash Jackpot King demonstrates their excellence. This casino slot has a “monkey madness” theme, based on the iconic ape tale of ‘King Kong’. In addition to the unique theme, King Kong Cash Jackpot King contains some brilliant bonus features, all of which enhance your gameplay and can help you win big, including a Free Spins Bonus! This online slot game is played across 5 reels where there are 20 paylines and an incredibly generous betting range of 20p to £100, allowing for plenty of variations and stake options when playing the game. There are a range of symbols that could appear on the reels in this slot, including Wild Symbols which can replace other symbols to help form winning combinations.

How to Play King Kong Cash Jackpot King

Use the arrows to the left of the grid to set a stake that you’re willing to bet and please be mindful that this can be adjusted at any time you wish. Once you have content with your stake, select the spin button to the right of the grid which will spin the reels, thus beginning the game. The autoplay button below the spin button can be used to trigger the autoplay function where you can set an amount of spins to be spun automatically. You are also able to set a win and/or loss limit, either of which will stop the game if reached. This feature can be stopped at any time you wish.

King Kong Cash Jackpot King Bonus Features

Sleepy Kong Bonus

The Sleepy Kong Bonus can be triggered at any time during the game, where he may award one of the following features:

Banana Cannon Wilds- Kong fires a banana bomb to the middle of the reels, which will explode and turn some of the surrounding positions into Wild Symbols. This may form winning combinations. Kong may then smash the ground, making the reels spin again with the Wilds staying into position, potentially forming further winning combinations.

Golden Barrel Super Spin- Kong may throw a Golden Barrel to the middle of the reels, where an explosion occurs and adds Golden Barrels across the reels. These Golden Barrels will all reveal the same symbol, thus potentially forming a winning combination.

King Kong Spin Streak- After a winning combination, Kong may jump off his throne and beat the reels with a wooden mallet, thus causing certain symbols to lock into place whilst the reels are respun. This will continue until there is not an additional win.

Bonus Boost- An explosion will cause a number of Bonus Symbols to land on the reels, potentially triggering some of the bonus features.

King Kong Bonus

The King Kong Bonus can be activated by 3 or more bonus symbols landing on the reels at one time, where players will spin the wheel to reveal one of the following bonuses:

Barrel Blast Bonus

Landing on the Barrel Blast Bonus section of the wheel will trigger this bonus feature. On the screen, you will see a number of barrels with a winplan situated to the left. You must select a barrel to reveal an item, with each item linking to a bet multiplier that can be triggered by matching 3 of the same items. In addition to this, if you reveal a special icon, the bet multipliers can be upgraded and if you collect 3 Golden Monkeys, the Big Monkey Bonus will be awarded.

King Kong Trail Bonus

Landing on the King Kong Trail section of the wheel will trigger this bonus feature. This bonus will be split into two sections, this being the first, the Big Monkey Bonus being the second. This section is a multiplier trail up the levels to the Big Monkey Bonus. You will begin in this section and you must select barrels to advance along the trail, where you will increase the total bet multiplier. This feature can be ended by the bomb exploding, however the current total bet multiplier will be paid out.

Empire Free Spins

This Free Spins Bonus will be on a different set of the reels and will take place on top of the Empire State Building! The objective of this feature is to collect Golden Monkey Symbols that appear on the reels, which will advance you through the feature with more spins being awarded for progression. This feature will continue until all spins have been used with the amount in the bonus winnings being awarded.

Golden Kong Free Spins

This Free Spins Bonus is played on a 5x4 reel where there are 40 paylines and a certain amount of Free Spins on offer. In this feature, you can collect Wilds on each Free Spin which are all accumulated for when the feature has ended. Once all Free Spins have been used and the feature ends, your accumulated Wilds will be put into use and award Wild Super Spins. After each super spin, you have to pick a barrel where you may find a Golden Monkey that will spin again. If you encounter a bomb, this feature will end.

Jackpot King Bonus

The Jackpot King Bonus can be triggered by the Jackpot King Deluxe Symbols appearing on any of the reels. In this feature, it is up to you to spin the reels and collect Crown Symbols, progressing you up the win ladder where, if 15 or more are collected, you will enter the Wheel King section. After each spin, you have the option to reveal Spin which will Spin the reels, Collect, which will collect your winnings or Wheel King which will take you to the Wheel King round of the feature, where you could win one of the progressive jackpots.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

Bonus Features make brilliant UK Slots as demonstrated in King Kong Cash Jackpot King, where there are a range of bonus features on offer, all of which have unique formats and functions. King Kong Cash Jackpot King bases itself on the iconic tale of King Kong where indeed it is a rare but interesting slot theme to play.