Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette game play

The game offers so much more than your average roulette game. Enjoy all the added attractions and the extra opportunities to win. The game is played in a very high class studio with flashing lights and great sound effects. The game is off course based on a normal roulette game so to start the game you must pick one or more numbers and place your bets. What you haven’t experienced before is the chance of hitting a lucky number and receive a multiplier from 50x up to 500x your bet!

Place your bet You must place your bet before the wheel is set in motion when playing Lightning Roulette online. Simply select a chip value and place it on the number you wish to bet on, you can place more than one chip on the same number and you can also place your bet on more than one number on the board.

Start a game To start a game round of Lightning Roulette all you have to do is to press the start button to spin the wheel. The marble will be set in motion in the opposite direction and will eventually land in one of the slots. The number in the slot where the marble landed is the lucky winner of the game round!

Lightning Roulette features

Lucky numbers Each game round can be struck by lightning and generate up to five lucky numbers. The lucky numbers will be chosen completely at random and can award a payout multiplier from 50x your bet up to an amazing 500x your bet! Each lucky number will award a multiplier so if you are lucky and the lightning strike five times you are in for a massive win in Lightning Roulette live online.