Live Roulette

Live Roulette

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Intruduction to Live Roulette This is a table game played on a real casino table with a live croupier. With cameras in multiple views and a high quality graphic you will feel as you are in the middle of a busy casino. The croupier will communicate directly to you and you can also choose to chat with the other players at the table.

Play the game The first thing to do once you have taken your seat at the table and introduced yourself to the croupier is to place your bet. There are many ways to bet in Live Roulette, the aim is to place your bet on the numbers or colors you think the marble will land in. Once all bets are placed all you need to do is to inform the croupier that you are ready and the wheel will be set in motion. The marble will be dropped in the opposite direction of the wheel and once the marble finally drops in a slot, the winning number/color will be announced by the croupier.

Place a bet To place your bet in Live Roulette is very simple but to decide where you would like to place your bet can be a bit harder as there are many different ways to bet. Once you have figured out what game play works best for you, simply just select a chip value and place the chip on the number or combination you want to bet on.

Ways to bet

As mentioned above there are many different ways to bet when playing Live Roulette. You can bet on numbers, colors, sections or patterns. More information about the different types of bets can be found in the paytable. The two main bet types are inside and outside bets. Outside bets have a larger probability to generate a win while inside bets can generate bigger wins.

Inside bets Placing an inside bet means that you can place a single bet and cover between one and six numbers. A straight bet is when you place a chip on a single number. Split bet means that you place a chip on two adjacent numbers. Trio bet is when you place a bet on three numbers along a row. Choose a corner bet and place your chip on the corner of four adjacent numbers. Place a six number bet by placing your chip on the edge of the number board between two adjacent rows.

Outside bets Outside bets allows you to place your bet on different categories for a higher chance to win. Place your bets on all even numbers, all odd numbers, all red or all black numbers on the board. You can also choose to place your bet on the first section of the board, a low bet, meaning that you will cover all numbers from 1 to 18. A high bet will cover the second section of the board, all numbers between 19 and 36.