Live Three Card Poker

Live Three Card Poker

How to Play Live Three Card Poker Before a round of Live Three Card Poker can begin, you’ll need to place your bet. You’ll use the chips that will be visible on screen to do this. There are three types of bet, which are Ante/Play and side bets which are separate to the main game. Once bets have been placed, you will be dealt three cards.

Placing an Ante bet lets you play the game as well as view your hand. Once you’ve placed your bet and are familiar with the hand you’ve been dealt, there are two options available to you: Fold or Play. If you choose to fold, you forfeit the game. If you want to Play, you’ll go forward and try to beat the dealer’s hand, which will be dealt after you have made your decision. You’ll win or lose based on your hand in relation to the dealer’s hand. Hands are ranked, and you’ll need to have a better combination of cards than the dealer. The best hand you can obtain is a Mini Royal Flush, which is three consecutive face cards of the same suit, for example Ace, King, and Queen of clubs. The lowest ranked win is simply the highest card value, with other winning combinations being a Pair and Three of a Kind.

When you’ve been dealt your cards and have made your decision to play, the dealer will then receive three cards. The dealer will need to qualify in order to win, and to qualify they will need a Queen-high or better. Even if your hand is worse than the dealer’s, this rule still applies and if they cannot produce a Queen-high, you will win and your Play bet will be paid to you.

In the scenario that the dealer does qualify, you will lose and your Ante and Play bets will not be paid back to you. It’s also possible that the dealer’s hand may qualify and lose, which would result in you cashing out both your Ante and Play bets, meaning you will double your total stake!

Live Three Card Poker has some fun extra features designed to help you win more often. There are added bonuses for Straight Flush, Three of a Kind and Straight hands, meaning you’ll receive an increased payout if you achieve one of these hands. Straight Flush pays 5:1, Three of a Kind pays 4:1 and Straight 1:1.

Live Three Card Poker Buttons

Bet To place a bet in Live Three Card Poker, you’ll need to use the chips near the bottom of the screen. Each chip has a different value, which is displayed in the centre of the chip. Each chip also differs in colour, allowing you to quickly identify it’s value. Click on a chip to place it on the table. You can select more than one chip if you want to.

Live Games Menu For more information about Live Three Card Poker and settings, click on the Live Games Menu button beneath the chips.

Repeat To repeat an action, select the Repeat button.

Sound To adjust sound volume during a game of Live Three Card Poker, use the speaker icon.

Settings To adjust game settings, click on the cog button.

Play When the Make Decision box appears after your cards have been dealt, you can use the Play button (green tick) to progress and play Live Three Card Poker.

Fold The second option presented by the Make Decision box is Fold. If you are not satisfied with your hand and do not wish to play that particular round of Live Three Card Poker, click on the Fold (red cross) button.

Live Three Card Poker Special Features

The Pair Plus Bet The Pair Plus Bet is one of the optional side bets that Live Three Card Pokers offers. In this feature the dealer’s cards are irrelevant - only yours are important. This bet is made at the same time as the main game bets are placed but is separate from the base game. This means that the Pair Plus Bet is not affected by your moves in the Live Three Card Poker game, whether you choose to Fold or Play does not matter. The concept of the Pair Plus Bet is quite simple - you’ll receive a payout if your hand is a Mini Royal, a Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight, a Flush or a Pair, regardless of whether your hand beats the dealer’s.

The Six Card Bonus Bet The second special side bet available in Live Three Card Poker is the Six Card Bonus Bet. This feature combines both the dealer’s hand and your own, and the aim is to make the best six-card poker hand possible. All cards on the table are involved here, and you could earn a payout of 1000:1 for a Royal Flush!