Lucky Valentine online slot uk

Lucky Valentine

Lucky Valentine slot is an online game filled with classic Valentine’s day presents and Cupid himself will fly over your reels with his love arrow. Lucky Valentine slot is play on a 5x3 slot reel with 20 paylines.

Lucky Valentine slot buttons

Total Stake Choose a total stake in Lucky Valentine before you start a game. Use the + or - button to set your perfekt bet amount. Increase the amount by pressing the + button or decrease it with the - button.

Spin To start your magical love slot all you need to do it to is hit the spin button. Lucky Valentine slot will be played one round.

Auto Spin your love reels automatically in Lucky Valentine slot via the auto feature. Hit the auto button and select the amount of plays you wish to play, then all you need to do is to sit back, relax and watch your reels spin.

Lucky Valentine slot bonus features

Cupid Cupid will always be with you in Lucky Valentine slot game. He is always available and he is a part of all the major bonus features. You know he’s never far away but what you don’t know is when he will pop out and activate a Lucky Valentine slot bonus!

Love Multiplier Love Multiplier is activated when Cupid decides to fly over your casino reels and hit the Love Multiplier bonus. Cupid will send you multiple Valentine’s Cards which will multiply your line payouts!

Love Bomb In Lucky Valentine slot Cupid might peek up from the bottom of the reels and shoot a loving arrow to trigger the Love Bomb bonus. The Love Bomb will make Wilds raining down all over your slot reels.

Cupid’s Reels A whirlwind of love and symbols will fly across your Lucky Valentine slot reels when Cupid flies across your casino game. Once the whirlwind have calmed down all low paying symbols will have disappeared and only the top-paying symbols will remain for super big wins!

Mega Wild Flickering hearts will rain down over your Lucky Valentine slot reels and Cupid will fly in with a giant diamond ring that will cover 3x3 positions on your reel with Wild symbols which off course will create massive wins!

Tower Bonus Travel up the tower of love in this beautiful bonus feature in Lucky Valentine slot online. Climb as high as you can as the higher up you are, the bigger the prize. In the Tower bonus you have a chance to win a multiplier up to 800x you bet!

Free Spins There’s loads of loving hearts in Lucky Valentine slot online. If you manage to collect three heart shaped symbols over your slot reel you have activated the free spins bonus, how many free spins you will be awarded depends on how many you reveal from the heart you picked out of the three hearts available.