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Ozzy Osbourne

About Ozzy Osbourne Slot

Ozzy Osbourne slot is a dark-themed online slots UK game which is set at a live concert of the Prince of Darkness himself. With 5 reels and 20 paylines as well as 4 main Bonus Features for you to enjoy, this casino slot has several opportunities to win. The theme throughout this online slot is that of a dark and gothic nature, much like the music of Ozzy himself. The symbols range from low valued rose spades, skull diamonds and other gothic symbols to higher-paying symbols in Ozzy himself!

How to Play Ozzy Osbourne Slot

Before seeing Ozzy take to the stage, set your coin value using the + and - buttons on-screen and please be mindful that these buttons can be used to adjust your coin value at any time throughout the game. Once you have selected a coin value you are happy with, press the spin button on-screen which will spin the reels and reveal potentially winning symbol combinations. Like we have seen with Heidi and Hannah’s Bier Haus, Ozzy Osbourne slot contains the autoplay function which allows the reels to be spun automatically to a select amount of spins of your choice. There is also a loss and win limit which will stop the game if reached.

Ozzy Osbourne Slot Bonus Features

Bonus Bet Feature

You have the choice of whether you wish to use the Bonus Bet Feature or not. If you decide to use it, each spin will double your stake. If you activate this Bonus Feature, more Free Spins can be won, with multiplier values in the Free Spins increasing from 2x and 3x to 5x and 7x respectively.

Re-Spin Feature

2 scatter symbols appearing on reels 1, 2 and 5 will trigger the Re-Spin Feature which will activate the Symbol Charge Up Feature. At first, the Symbol Spinner will determine the symbol that is that will be awarded a feature for the Re-Spin. Following this, the Feature Spinner will define the feature for that particular symbol.

If a scatter symbol is chosen by the Symbol Spinner, a Bat Head Symbol will appear and therefore trigger the Free Spins Feature after the Re-Spin. If the Bonus Bet Feature is not activated, you will receive 4 Free Spins, however if the Bonus Bet Feature is activated, you will receive 5 Free Spins.

Free Spins Features

3 scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 will activate the Free Spins Feature in the base game, however a scatter appearing on the Feature Spinner will also trigger this feature. This feature allows for the Symbol Charge Up to be triggered before every Free Spin.

Symbol Charger

The Symbol Spinner will choose a symbol at random to add a bonus to, while the Feature Spinner, on the other hand, will decide the Bonus Feature that is applied to the selected symbol.

The Feature Spinner can activate any of these Bonus Features:

Coin Win Feature

Each symbol which appears on the reels will give you a win that is worth 3x this symbol.

Wild Feature

Each symbol on the reels will turn into a Wild symbol.

Symbol Multiplier

In this Feature, each winning combination that includes the symbol that has been chosen could potentially multiply up to 2x or 3x and if the Bonus Bet Feature is activated it could increase even further to 5x or 7x. If a symbol is awarded both multipliers, then they could be combined, meaning there is a potential of a 12x multiplier!

Upgrade Feature

Each symbol which is chosen will transform into the next high-value symbol in the paytable which could potentially lead to bigger wins!

Legs Eleven Thinks

Here at Legs Eleven, we think very highly of any game which has a range of Bonus Features for our loyal players to enjoy. As far as new online slots go, Ozzy Osbourne slot is certainly a strong game as it has a clear theme throughout and plenty of opportunities to win, ensuring an interesting gaming experience for our players. There is nothing too formal within the game to put off newer players, whilst at the same time, it is not too simplistic that slot connoisseurs would lose interest.