power blackjack

Power Blackjack

About Power Blackjack

We have a range of Live Casino Games here at Legs Eleven Online Slots UK and whilst they are all popular choices, Live Blackjack is certainly one of the most played games. Power Blackjack by Evolution adopts a traditional Blackjack format that you would find in the majority of Blackjack Games, however, the 9 and 10 cards have been removed from the deck. As expected, the playing strategy has also been modified to accommodate for the reduced number of cards. The objective of Power Blackjack is for your hand to be closer to the value of 21 than the dealer, without going past the value. Despite the slight differences to standard Blackjack, Power Blackjack still contains 8 decks and the dealer has 2 cards where they must stand on 17s. There are also a range of options you can make when playing such as splitting pairs as well as doubling, tripling, or quadrupling down on the first two cards and splits. You can enjoy a true Live Casino setting in this Blackjack Game at Legs Eleven, which aims to replicate the feeling of being at a real-life Blackjack table!

How to Play Power Blackjack

Before each round, there is an allocated “betting time” which lasts for approximately 12 seconds for you to place your bets! Place your chip(s) on the table with different chips having different values and you are able to place multiple chips on the same bet and across different bets also. Both you and the dealer are dealt two cards where you have the common aim of being closer to the value of 21 without exceeding it. Once you have received your hand, you have a range of options you can play. If you choose to Hit, you will receive another card. You can Hit multiple times to receive multiple cards but if you go over the value of 21, you will go bust. If you choose to Stand, you won’t receive any further cards and will keep the hand that you have been dealt with. If you decide to Split when you have a pair, you can split the hand into two hands and use them individually as opposed to one collective hand.

As previously mentioned, you can Double, Triple or Quadruple your hand before receiving another card. The dealer must stand if their value is at 17 or above, however if it is below, they must stand until they reach 17 or go bust. After the round has finished, your outcome will be compared to the dealer’s which will determine the game outcome. If you beat the dealer, you will win with a payout of 3:2 (insurance payout of 2:1). If you fail to beat the dealer, you have lost. If the outcome is a tie, your stake will be returned to your balance.

Power Blackjack Side Bets

There are a number of Side Bets that can be made in Power Blackjack:

Hot 3

This betting option is on whether your first two cards and the dealer’s up-facing card will combine to make a total of 19, 20, 21, or 3 sevens.


The 21+3 side bet is based on your first two cards forming a 3 card poker hand with the dealer’s up-facing card.

Any Pair

Any Pair is simply betting on whether your first two cards form a Pair.

Bust It

The Bust It option pays out the dealer’s bust with a higher payout for the more cards they bust!

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

Blackjack Games are very popular here at Legs Eleven as it is a true classic that replicates the Live Casino feeling! Power Blackjack is an excellent Live Casino Game as due to its fast-paced and high technology nature, it feels like you are at a real-life Blackjack table. By removing the 9 and 10 cards, it offers a slightly different game to other Blackjack Games, however it still follows a traditional Blackjack format with a range of side bets able to be made.