Raging Storms slot

Raging Storms

About Raging Storms Slot

The skies are beginning to bruise, thunder and lightning ripping the heavens apart, as a storm approaches! IGT have unleashed Raging Storms, an online slot that incurs the tempestuous wrath of the Gods of the weather, with the reels hit by violent storm wilds and torrents of bonus features. Siding with one of the Gods may help you in your epic journey to secure grand jackpots and defy the deities!

Sitting on a display of five reels and four rows, Raging Storms includes several features commonly seen in online slots, but gives them a unique twist. The Free Spins features changeable amounts, depending on which of the weather Gods Legs Eleven players align themselves with, while the Storm Wilds move around the screen on every spin, and can combine to create Super Storm Wilds that can rain down combined multipliers of up to 2,500x! As if that wasn’t enough, there are 25 paylines in play as well, which is slightly above what you’d usually expect from a mobile slot.

As for the conventional slot game aspects getting a unique twist, that’s nothing compared to the traditional symbols, as the Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades symbols are made-over to resemble gemstones, that glisten in front of the intimidating and eerie backdrop of storm clouds approaching. The four Gods of the storm are also prominent across the reels, with one deity representing each of the concepts of Ice, Rain, Wind, and Lighting, with the latter proving the most lucrative as it offers 10x your stake if five land on a payline. Clouds represent both the Bonus and the Wild, with each given a slightly different look.

Raging Storms Slot Bonus Features

Combining Wilds

Storm Wilds can appear on reels one and five, and will move to adjacent reels either diagonally or horizontally with each spin. If two Storm Wilds come into contact, they will combine together and form Super Storm Wilds, which can be as large as 3x3. A multiplier between 2x and 10x might be added to the Super Storm Wild, with a potential jackpot of 2,500x up for grabs! Eventually, the Super Storm will pass, and the Wilds will re returned to their original state, and continue moving across the reels in the direction they were previously heading.

Free Spins

If three or more scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels, Legs Eleven players will receive a variable number of Free Spins. Picking one of the four Gods will also offer a different number of Free Spins, with an array of multipliers on offer, with more given for fewer Free Spins. The Lightning God will award between 7 and 12 spins, the Wind God rewards you with 9 to 15 spins, the Ice God offers between 12 and 20, with the Rain God awarding anywhere between 15 and 20 Free Spins.

How to Play Raging Storms Slot


Adjust the line bet value using the (+) and (-) buttons to increase or decrease your total stake amount per spin, which will be displayed at all times at the bottom of the reels beside your available balance.


To view information on the game’s pay structure, rules, bonus features and more click the menu icon and navigate through the available pages to find what you need.

Auto Play

Set autoplay to run through a set number of spins for you at the current stake amount, and choose a win and/or loss limit to ensure that the feature ends if exceeded.


The spin button is represented by the black and blue button to the right hand side. Click the button to spin the reels and the symbols will fall into place after a short animation.

Legs Eleven Thinks…

Raging Storms slot will whip you up in a whirlwind of intense bonuses. There’s a lot on offer for Legs Eleven players in this one, with Super Storm Wilds potentially leading to 2,500x jackpots, and the Free Spins are not bad either. Visually, Raging Storms is stunning, with the Gods of the weather taking centre stage across the 5x4 reels, and the tempestuous graphics are truly immersive on all devices, including mobile and tablets. If you’ve enjoyed testing the wrath of the Gods and want some more, Thor’s Lightning might be just what you’re looking for.