Reel Lucky King Megaways

Reel Lucky King Megaways

Reel Lucky King Megaways is an Irish-themed Megaways slot with some brilliant bonus features on offer. As with most Megaways, there are cascading reels, however, there is also a free spins bonus and more! Join Legs Eleven to play.

About Reel Lucky King Megaways

At Legs Eleven, we love Irish slots and Megaways slots, so what could be better than an Irish-themed Megaways slot?! Reel Lucky King Megaways combines two of our favourite online slot elements to provide players with an excellent game that is overflowing with fantastic bonus features. As you would expect with most Megaways slots, there is a cascading reels feature which means there are six reels with between 2-7 symbols able to appear per reel. There is also a free spins bonus which can lead to multiple spins and potentially big wins! The theme of this casino slot is certainly an Irish theme, with plenty of four-leaf clovers and even a leprechaun on the screen.

How to Play Reel Lucky King Megaways


Before playing, you must choose a stake that you wish to bet. This can be done by selecting the coins symbol on-screen and selecting one of the available stake options.


Once you are ready to play, select the main spin button which will begin the game by spinning the reels. If you hold this spin button down, the autoplay function will be activated.

Reel Lucky King Megaways Bonus Features

Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels are a significant part of nearly all Megaways slots. They see the symbols involved in a winning combination removed from the reels and thus replaced with new symbols. If a new winning combination is formed, this process will repeat itself until no new winning combinations are formed.

Reel King Features

If you hear a ‘ding’ sound when playing, it means one of the reels has lit up. If all six reels are lit, this bonus feature will be triggered. The aim of this feature is to progress to the free spins trail, however, where you start on the trail will depend on which subfeature you triggered. If you trigger the Reel King Feature, you will receive 1-2 Reel Kings and between 8 and 15 free spins. If you trigger the Super King Feature, you will receive 2-3 Reel Kings with between 8 and 20 free spins. If you trigger the Mega King Feature, this will award 3-6 Reel Kings with between 8 and 25 free spins.

Free Spins

The cascading reels feature is indeed active during the free spins bonus, along with the Reel King feature. Each successful cascade during the free spins bonus will increase the multiplier by x1 and if all six reels are red, the Reel King will appear. Here, he may award you up to 3 more free spins with the multiplier also increasing.