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Rocket Men

Rocket Men slots game

The game consists of five reels and three lines. You will play for a numerous different bonus features including wilds and scatter. There is loads to discover when spinning the reels at Rocket Men Slot, one of our finest Rocket Slots here at Legs Eleven!

Rocket Men slots buttons

Stake Play Rocket Men slots on 20 locked paylines. Your chosen stake will be split equally over these paylines. To set your stake use the plus and minus buttons next to the box called total stake. The plus button will let you increase your stake while the minus button will decrease it.

Start To start one round of Rocket Men slots and enjoy the entertaining slots theme you must hit the spin button. Your reels will spin one round and you never know what’s gonna happen when Kim and Don are in charge.

Auto To play Rocket Men slots automatically use the auto button. You can set an amount of game plays you want to spin and just sit back and relax while your action themed reels are spinning for you.

Rocket Men slots bonus features

Don’s Driving Range To activate Don’s driving range you must land one Don scatter symbol on your first reel, you also have to make sure that there’s no Kim scatter on reel five. When the bonus is activated Don will start to hit golf balls over your slots reel. The golf balls will smash your symbols into pieces to make room for more symbols to land and hopefully create winning combinations. You never know for long long he’ll play, he’ll just stop once he decides he’s bored of it.

Kim’s Little Game<br< Kim’s scatter can land on your fifth reel at anytime and will activate Kim’s little game if Don’s not appearing on reel number one. Kim will try out his new rockets by firing them over your slots reel. All symbols hit by a rocket will transform into wilds to create better winning opportunities for you!

Kim VS Don Land a Don scatter symbol on reel one and a Kim scatter symbol on reel five at the same time to activate the Kim vs Don game! The battle begins with Kim and Don firing bazookas against each other in a massive bazooka shoot-out! Your bonus round is decided by who ever wins the battle!

Don wins If Don wins the bazooka shoot-out he’ll invite you to his party. Help Don pick girls to join the party, you’ll be presented with a selection of juicy booties to choose from! Pick a booty and reveal your prize!

Kim wins If Kim wins the battle he will start Boom time! In boom time Kim will fire a range of rockets and it’s up to you to choose which ones he will fire. Pick the rocket you think will fire at the country with the highest cash prize. You will keep launching rockets until you miss your target and the rocket lands at the bottom of the ocean.

Draw If the bazooka shoot-out is a draw you will be introduced to Nuclear Spins! You will get unlimited with free spins as Don and Kim fire wild rockets against each other over your Rocket Men slots reel! The rockets will travel over your slots reel as the reels continue to spin. A rocket over your reel will feature as a wild during your bonus. Keep an eye on Kim’s and Don’s health as they are getting hit by the rockets. Your free spins will end once one of the characters are defeated!

Rocket Men Review

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